Ask The Experts Launch Free eBook Library

ASK The Experts, the social media platform for everything technology related, have just launched a new eBook Library featuring an assortment of business and educational books.  A variety of books are available as free downloads including books from business, marketing and technology sectors. 

More and more people are using iPads, Kindles, Androids etc when they are on the move and this library provides high quality, free content to read on these devices.   The eBook Library is a members’ feature and part of; upon becoming a member of Ask The Experts (which is free), a person is able to download an unlimited number of books (also free). 

Not only can anyone download books from this site at no cost but anyone can provide a book to be downloaded. Every year 1000s of people may write a book and often because it can be hard to find publishers, platforms or the time to market these books, their books never make it into the public eye; if they do, then after the initial momentum, they just sit in the author’s garage generating dust.  This eBook library provides an accessible and easy way to get these books out there and enables their author to establish themselves as an expert in their niche.  This library is happy to feature any book that the author is happy to give away as a download and there is even a function to sell hard copies.  

The next project that Ask The Experts are launching is their own book series, The Business Leaders Book Club.  The first book in this series is entitled ‘Lessons Learned from the Recession’ and will be available soon as a free download from the eBook Library (

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