Ask the Experts Toolbar Now Available

Ask The Experts have just launched their toolbar app for your browser through Conduit. This remarkable piece of technology allows users to access all the key parts of the Ask the Experts site from their browser.

Through the Ask the Experts’ app you can directly Ask a Question to the experts, access The eBook Library to browse the selection of free eBook downloads and access RSS feeds for each of the core sectors that Ask the Experts cover so that you always have access to the most recent content on the site.

You can also keep up to date with Ask The Experts in the social media sphere with direct links through to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. And whenever you click the icon on the toolbar, it will take you directly through to the Ask the Experts homepage.

Conduit have worked with the Ask the Experts team in order to create this app which fits into the fully customisable toolbars which Conduit develop. With over 200 million users and 260,000 publishers Conduit-powered apps enhance engagement and retention for the publishers while providing an invaluable resource for users to stay in touch with their favourite websites.

The toolbar is customised to the user and has access to Conduit’s marketplace where they can select from hundreds of useful apps.   Standard additions, which come when you download the Ask the Experts toolbar, are a Google-powered search, an email notification app synced with your email account and access to your own Facebook page.

The best thing about Conduit’s toolbars - aside from making user experience on the web more straightforward - is that you can download their toolbars and apps for free.

To get the Ask the Experts toolbar on your browser, visit

01908 268370


About Us

Ask the Experts is a multi functional site for business professionals and technology enthusiasts. They aim to create a strong social community around the core sectors and assist in the careful selection of relevant information and news. The site operates as a hub where its members can select what detail they want to receive. Information is summarised so that you can decide quickly what is important, relevant or interesting to you.