Local Milton Keynes Business Embarks on its first International Book Project

MK Chambers pledge continued support to The Business Leaders Book Club project

The Milton Keynes Chambers of Commerce are happy to announce the release of a business book project of which they are proud to be a sponsor and contributor.  The book is the first in a series of books called The Business Leaders Book Club which was founded by a local businessman, Mark Stephens. 

Rita Spada, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce told us, “the first book is called ‘Lessons Learned from the Recession’ and having been a part of this project from inception, we are thrilled to see how the chapters have come together to form a unique and insightful book that is free to download.  There are sixty chapters in total, each written by a different business leader in which they share their personal stories and lessons from the recession. We are particularly pleased to see a number of international and local Chambers members participating in the book and a local company, Lightening Source have been chosen to print the paperback copies, upon our recommendation”. 

The book has become an international project, with contributors from the USA, Australia and UAE among others and has already received great feedback and a growing fan base, including celebrity entrepreneur James Caan who has said: “This book provides valuable advice from business owners who have been on the front line and know the challenges of starting or running a business.”

Rita added “Regardless of nationality or localisation, what all of these contributors have in common is the success they have experienced during the global economic downturn.  They are now duly returning the knowledge they have gained to benefit their local communities and guide other people running businesses or hoping to start their own.

The hurdles they experienced and the lessons they learnt are all vastly different; as a result there is something for everyone to learn from picking up this book, no matter how much experience they have. 

It is always great to see the impact that one person can make and Mark Stephens has really extended his reach with this project, successfully creating an inspiring community of business leaders who are otherwise separated by many miles”. 

All the books in this series will be free to download, making the valuable and motivational content available to anyone that wishes to access it.

Download the book for free from: http://bit.ly/iTmK7t

Use the following unique discount code to get a 50% discount on the paperback version of the book: BLS3003

Visit the Business Leaders Book Club website for more information at www.thebusinessleadersbookclub.com


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