Polopoly Takes Mittmedia To Local News 2.0

Swedish publishing group Mittmedia has selected the Polopoly Content Management system to centrally manage all digital media channels. The new system will enable Mittmedia to rapidly generate new content and attractive services for its readers and advertisers. Key reasons for choosing Polopoly was the flexible web based interface, the integration-friendly architecture and the advanced functionality for managing user-generated content.

- We will be much faster, more local and more interactive. Now we no longer need twelve good ideas but one, and they can be tested now, not in a week. In case something happens and we receive pictures with mobile cameras, we can use them right away. We will provide our readers with exactly the local news, forums and services they want, says Jan Cahling, CEO at Mittmedia.

With Polopoly, Mittmedia will be able to tie the editorial content much closer to user-generated material, through channels such as blogs, text messages and e-mails. Contextual advertising will also be possible. In addition to the increased capabilities, Mittmedia’s costs for operation, maintenance and development will decrease significantly as twelve systems become one.

The Polopoly Content Management suite is Scandinavia’s favourite platform for major media ventures and contains a range of cutting-edge functionality. Polopoly enables high-performance personalised services, with everything from local weather to search services, quick polls and user ratings of pictures or articles. Polopoly also has an advanced community module where user-generated content can be managed in the same system as other content. Polopoly is entirely based on J2EE and open standards to ensure platform independence and easy legacy systems integration. Mittmedia will start using Polopoly this autumn.

- Mittmedia is an incredibly exciting customer in a time when the local news publishing is changing faster than ever. By integrating the web content of twelve newspapers in one system, Mittmedia will be able to take local news production into the future, and we are very proud to help them with this, says Gustaf Sahlman, CEO of Polopoly.


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