Attana receives new order

Attana´s distributor HVD Life Sciences places an order for an Attana biosensor. Delivery and payment will be during December 2017. Attana receives around 1 MSEK.

HVD Life Sciences with headquarter in Austria is since 2015 a distributor of Attana´s biosensors. HVD have now ordered Attana´s cell-based biosensor Attana Cell™ 200 for delivery to a final customer. 

Attana can at the present not reveal who the final customer is nor in which geographical region the customer operates in.

Attana will obtain around 1 MSEK from HVD and payment and delivery will be in December 2017.

For more information about HVD Life Sciences visit

For more information, please contact:

Teodor Aastrup, CEO Attana AB
tel: + 46 (0)8 41020000

Attana was founded in 2002 with the vision of in-vitro characterization of molecular interactions mimicking in-vivo conditions. Since then, Attana has developed proprietary label free biosensors for biochemical, crude, sera, and cell-based assays. Attana’s products and research services are used by Big Pharma, biotech companies and academic institutions within the life sciences.  To learn more about Attana’s contract research services and our label free cell-based biosensors, please visit or contact





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