Areola Reduction Surgery from 7.5cm to 4cm

New Video Shows Surgeon Adrian Richards Performing the Procedure

The areola is the medical name for the brown or pink area of skin surrounding the nipple. Like every part of the body, the appearance of the areolas varies considerably between individuals.

The size, shape and colour of the areolas are unique to each person from birth – no two areolas are exactly the same. Additionally, changes in the appearance of the areolas can occur with pregnancy or fluctuating weight.

These natural, or circumstantial, fluctuations can result in abnormalities that cause embarrassment, and may lead those affected to seek out areola reduction.

Broadly speaking, abnormalities of the areola can be categorised as follows:

1. Enlarged, widened areolas

From an aesthetic point of view, the diameter of the areola in a woman of average height should ideally be in the region of 4-5cm.

There is some scope for variation either side of this measurement, since the areola should also be in proportion with the underlying breast. However, areolas much wider than this will generally appear oversized.

2. Domed or raised areolas

As well as being wider than the average, areolas can also protrude more than normal. Domed or raised areolas occur through forward movement of the breast tissue underneath. This tends to occur more frequently in conjunction with the condition of tuberous, or tubular, breasts.

Treatment of this condition usually involves the reduction of both the underlying breast tissue and the size of the areolas.

3. Non-circular areolas

For most people, the aesthetic ideal is for the areolas to be as circular as possible, but some people find their areolas to be slightly oval.

In this case, areola reduction can be used to reduce the measurement of the areola across its largest diameter to give it a rounder shape.

Watch areola reduction being performed

To show exactly how the procedure is performed, Aurora Clinics have produced a brand new surgical video. Watch their areola reduction surgery video to see plastic surgeon Adrian Richards reduce a patient’s areolas by almost 50% - from 7.5cm in diameter to less than 4cm.

Kerry Greasley

Copywriter/Content Editor, Aurora Clinics

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