Aurora Clinics launches new cosmetic surgery website

Hi-tech "avatar" takes centre stage

UK cosmetic surgery group Aurora Clinics today launched their brand new website, Their goal? To create “one of the most user-friendly websites in the industry”.

Since the company was founded in 2000, Aurora Clinics’ ethos has always been to provide as much information as possible to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. And not only that, but to make the information as accessible as they can. 

This approach led them to become one of the only cosmetic surgery websites in the UK to include downloadable podcasts on their site, as well as candid surgical videos for people wanting to know exactly what goes on during their chosen procedure. 

And it’s this ethos of information-sharing that has led Aurora Clinics to introduce the following features on their brand new website:


To give people even more ways to find the surgery that interests them, the home page now features an avatar of a human body. When a visitor hovers on any area of the body, all procedures for that body part are displayed.

Video gallery

A dedicated page where all their videos, both surgical and informational, can be browsed. The videos are sorted by procedure, making it quick and easy to find videos on any type of surgery. 

Testimonials page

To make it easier for people to hear about others' experiences with Aurora, a new page displays written, audio and video testimonials from previous patients.

Before and after photos page

Aurora’s research confirmed that before and after photos of genuine patients are one of the most important things for people considering cosmetic surgery. With this in mind, they gathered together all their before and after photos on one page, with photos grouped by procedure for ease of reference.

Price list

Price is a hugely important factor for many people, so to make it quicker and easier for people to pinpoint their procedure’s price, a comprehensive price list for all procedures has been added, with a link directly from the home page.

The founder and Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics, Adrian Richards, has this to say about the new website:

“We know that for most of our patients, the decision to have surgery is not something they enter into lightly. The majority have never had any kind of surgery before, so it’s imperative that they get all the information they need to go into the process with their eyes wide open. We hope anyone visiting our new website to research their chosen procedure finds it one of the most user-friendly in the industry”.

Aurora have created a video guide to show you the around the new website. Click the attached video to take the tour. And if you'd like to let us know your thoughts about the new site, please email us at

Kerry Greasley

Copywriter, Aurora Clinics

Aurora Clinics are an expert group of Plastic Surgeons, medical aestheticians and anaesthetists specialising in a broad range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures (surgical and non-surgical). The Aurora emphasis is on honesty and openness, with information made publicly available via videos, podcasts, photo galleries, a highly comprehensive website and our past-patient network. We are always keen to work with the public and the Press to broaden awareness about cosmetic surgery, helping prospective patients make a fully informed choice. Visit for more information.


About Us

Aurora Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Centres provide a wide range of female and male surgical and non-surgical procedures for face, body and breasts. With an expert team of Board-registered surgeons, dedicated aesthetic practitioners and knowledgeable co-ordinators, Aurora aim to make high quality cosmetic surgery information and treatment easily accessible to everybody. Our ethos? Cosmetic Surgery should have Nothing to Hide. We believe in complete transparency, from publishing audited figures to showing before and after photos warts-and-all. With clinics nationwide and information at your fingertips: Aurora Clinics are the high-quality, trustable choice for cosmetic and plastic surgery in the UK.




Quick facts

New website aims to be
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Several new features make it easier for prospective patients to find the information they need.
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Specially created video guide shows users around the new site.
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