Local jewelry maker puts her God-given talents to use for a child with Autism.

Alma Counihan (Hummingbird Collection) of Cortland, Illinois has been making custom bridal jewelry for over 4 years now, but when a child with Autism has touched her heart she decides to put that god-given talent to use.

Putting the Pieces Together One Child at a Time is what Alma is doing; she is making custom Autism bracelets and earrings that will go to help fund the therapies of a boy by the name of Austin Cole.

Austin’s struggle with Autism has started since he was 18 months old and it hasn’t stopped yet. “It was a blessing when he started receiving treatment from Easter Seals” says Austin’s father (divorced father of two); but what he didn’t know was that the insurance has his limits.  In December of 2010 David received a letter stating that his companies insurance is no longer paying for Austin’s therapies because he has reached his benefit limit; keep in mind this is only 6 months into the benefit year.

So Austin’s Father has decided to hold a charity Sing-A-Thon partnering with America’s Historic Roundhouse in Aurora, IL (Austin’s hometown).  There will be raffles, auction items and some unbelievable singing by an all star list of sponsored singers raising money for Austin.

Event Details: http://austincole.org/singing-for-austin.php
Jewelry Page: http://austincole.org/jewelry.php
Austin’s Story: http://austincole.org/austins-story.php
Facebook: http://facebook.com/austincole.org

Austin Cole

Email: contact@austincole.org