5 Powerful Ways To Support “Truly Alive” Children

Lyons, CO – May 24th 2012 – All adults agree that our children deserve the very best, but so often we fail to turn our dreams into reality. How many people would say they are happy with the world we are creating for the next generation? In a world seemingly drowning in greed, violence and destruction, the ability to create real and lasting change for children may be needed now more than ever.

“There is a different, more compassionate and loving way.” says Simon Paul Harrison, author of The Truly Alive Child: For Those Who Seek A Grander Vision For Our Children. “The tools and techniques to support children in re-connecting with experiences of deep peace, joy and purpose are so simple yet so powerful. The difference that one individual can make for children is staggering.” Harrison says the tools and techniques he shares require no qualifications, power or money. He adds, “Everyone has these gifts to give.”

Harrison’s new book, The Truly Alive Child provides all adults with the tools to create environments that support child-like wonder, love for learning and natural creativity. Here are his top 5 tips for supporting children in becoming “Truly Alive”:

  • Model living in the present. When we show our children that peace and joy are only experienced in the here and now they discover they don’t need to chase after these. This alone is life changing and plants the seeds for lasting happiness.
  • Allow children to measure their own success. When we tell children what they must do to be successful they constantly look to others to tell them what to do. Children who measure their own success become confident, independent and innovative.
  • Teach that we are all one. By teaching that all things are connected children develop a deep respect for all life, leading to compassionate and peaceful relationships.
  • Re-Connect With Nature. Nature is a most remarkable teacher. It is here children find the quietness and stillness that inspires them to be creative and innovative.
  • Cultivate Passion. Children become highly skilled and adept at that which they are passionate about. We can nourish this in children by embracing the idea that passion creates passion.

The Truly Alive Child: For Those Who Seek A Grander Vision For Our Children by Simon Paul Harrison (Fox Walking Publishing. $16.95, 240 pages, paperback, May 2012) is available at major online retailers. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/H7lofm or http://www.simonpaulharrison.com.

Fox Walking Publishing is dedicated to literature that supports awareness and growth of human consciousness.


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About Simon Paul Harrison:Simon Paul Harrison is the author of The Truly Alive Child: For Those Who Seek a Grander Vision for Our Children. His life’s work and vision is in using the timeless wisdom of nature to support people in re-connecting with a deep and profound sense of peace, joy and creativity. Simon began working with children as an elementary school teacher in his native England. After a number of years he came to America to learn from world renowned tracker and survivalist Tom Brown Jr. Simon fell in love with the natural world and never looked back. He worked for Tom Brown's Tracker School before becoming the director of The Children of The Earth Foundation (COTEF), a non-profit that Tom founded to lead children back to the Earth. Simon enjoyed a number of successful years with COTEF, teaching all over North America, including Alaska, New England, and the Cree Nation in Quebec. Simon felt the calling of his vision urging him westwards where he founded Wild Earth's Children and wrote The Truly Alive Child. He lives in Colorado with his wife Katherine.