CompressorTech urges garages to get ready for air con season

With summer just around the corner, CompressorTech, the UK’s leading compressor specialist, is urging garages to make sure they’re ready for the profit opportunity that air con season can present.

With the onset of warmer weather comes a significant spike in air con demand. Motorists turning on their air con for the first time in months and finding that the performance isn’t there usually signals the start of a busy period for garages.

In anticipation of this surge, CompressorTech is advising garages to follow some useful steps to ensure that they are fully prepared to capitalise on all air con business that comes their way.

Simple steps, such as updating the company website to reflect that the business services and repairs air conditioning systems, and notifying customers with marketing comments on invoices that air con season is approaching, are easy ways of generating new business.

James McClean, Managing Director, CompressorTech, said: “I really want to see garages make sure that they are practising what they preach by imposing stringent maintenance checks and regular inspections on their air conditioning service equipment.”

Thoroughly checking that the air con machine is serviced and operational is a must, but often garages fail to make sure that all other essential equipment or tooling is also present and in good working order. Checking the stock levels of the consumables that go hand-in-hand with air con maintenance, such as refrigerant, oil, dye, etc. can save embarrassment at a later date.

Ensuring that technicians are appropriately trained is essential too. A skilled air con technician can diagnose issues which have caused system failure, resulting in healthy profits from parts sales and labour rates.

Technicians who are F-gas approved and have attended Air Con Diagnostic training courses add credibility to your business, as all UK and European workshops are now required to provide proof to their local motor factor that their business has the necessary F-gas accreditation in order to be able to purchase and handle the transfer of R134a refrigerant from the supply cylinder into their air con machine safely.

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About Compressortech

Compressortech is the UK’s leading air con compressor specialist.

Compressortech don’t just sell a box, they provide Technical support, expertise and the confidence that the products and services they offer, are supported by many with 25 years of expertise. 

Today, Compressortech operates as a preferred aftermarket supply partner with all of the primary automotive compressor OEMs. On the sales side, Compressortech is the only UK compressor remanufacturer holding current Original Equipment Supply (OES) agreements with volume car producers. Which further endorses their credentials as a supplier in the know….

Compressortech All makes range, provides OEM and OEM remanufactured compressors,

From its Factory in Warwick, as well as 100% availability. This typically comprises around 98% availability from stock, with a 3 day exchange programme to remanufacturer anything more obscure, or not yet available from the OEM.

The business retains an in-house installations and R & D air con service centre too. This helps ensure its Technicians are up-to-date with all the very latest vehicles, and there fail patterns and the necessary diagnostic requirements, all their NTR Remanufactured compressors are installed and fully tested to OEM specifications before entering range and guarantees the business retains the core of technical expertise that’s essential in delivering the unrivalled customer service and aftersales support for which Compressortech is renowned.

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I really want to see garages make sure that they are practising what they preach by imposing stringent maintenance checks and regular inspections on their air conditioning service equipment.
James McClean, Managing Director, CompressorTech