Nebula Systems calls on independent garages to ‘connect with the future’

Nebula Systems Ltd are calling on independent garages to ‘connect with the future of diagnostics’ by embracing their new MECH5 diagnostics system, as September’s commercial launch draws close.

MECH5 is a new secure, cloud-based, vehicle data analytics platform that can help garages access the wealth of data within the ECUs of modern vehicles.

This potential to tap into the vast reservoirs of sophisticated data generated by modern ‘connected cars’ led to RAC acquiring Nebula Systems Ltd in March with an eye on ‘moving from a reactive, to a proactive and ultimately predictive breakdown service’.

Nebula Systems themselves have since been busy developing the diagnostic potential of MECH5 for independent garage technicians to benefit too.

The mission is to revolutionise the ways technicians perform diagnostics and repairs on modern vehicles. Nebula Systems promise this will benefit both car owners – through lower maintenance costs – and technicians by making vehicle diagnostics more accessible and affordable.

The system itself comprises the small “MECH5 vci”, a Bluetooth OBD Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI), available to pre-order from at just £99 +VAT, with flexible internet subscriptions currently priced at just £30 per month or £300 + VAT per annum, with no contracts.

This combination brings complete flexibility to perform diagnostics through the cloud, so technicians can access anytime, anywhere and on any web-enabled device.

“MECH5 is a unique, affordable, fully cloud-based professional vehicle diagnostics system,” said Luke Fryer, Marketing Manager at Nebula Systems. “The initial capability is built on 20 years of development of the industry leading DEC Superscan scantool.”

Nebula say MECH5 removes many barriers; there’s no need for specific hardware, or software updates. Instead, everyone is assured of the most current information, with ongoing real-time updates, through a scalable IT infrastructure.

Crucially, MECH5 is an open system too. The subscription can be used to give new life to a garage’s outdated scantools. It’s been designed to be compatible with many existing J2534-enabled devices including Bosch KTS, Ford IDS, GM MDI and even ELM327 OBD dongles.

In each case, these can be used to perform advanced procedures and coding.

“MECH5 goes way beyond the limitations of generic OBD2 protocols, opening up access to data including DTCs, actuators and coding functions direct from vehicle ECU,” added Luke.

By offering far more flexibility plus similar coverage and capability to most conventional offerings already, with the backing of RAC’s aim to deliver 90% UK vehicle coverage within 18 months, MECH5 seems set to shake up diagnostics for good.

Garages can find out more or register for a free demo account today at

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Luke Fryer | Marketing Manager, Nebula Systems
The initial capability is built on 20 years of development of the industry leading DEC Superscan scantool.