Avon Underwater Systems at Canadian Underwater Conference & Exhibition , Victoria, British Columbia March 29-31, 2015

Avon Underwater Systems (AUS), part of Avon Rubber p.l.c, will be demonstrating their range of market leading products, technical services and bespoke project capabilities for the military and commercial diving markets.

Building on their position at the forefront of diving computer designs, advanced data handling and decompression physiology, AUS will be launching their new military-standard Dive Computer.

This next generation dive computer, with real-time data/decompression loggers and a custom interface, is fully reconfigurable allowing remote programming as requirements change, and the multiple algorithm set-up allows for end user decompression system programming.

Available as a low Mag option, the new Dive Computer is STANAG A compliant for EOD/MCM use, and client decompression tables and procedures can be included.

With high resolution graphics providing enhanced resolution and backlighting for ultra-clear messaging and a long battery life, the new Dive Computer from AUS sets the standard for the military.

Also on display will be the proven DID Deepwater Intelligent Data Logger, a diver carried multi sensor data logger for subsea applications to display and record pressure, flow, PH, voltage and current data as well as other sensors.

The AUS Sentinel Rebreather, a mixed gas (Helium/Nitrogen/Oxygen) diving rebreather set, with a maximum operating depth of 100m and a super-efficient CO2 absorbent system is designed for general rebreather operations where a non-magnetic signature requirement is not needed. Software customization to meet end user requirements is possible and field upgrades are available via a remote reprogramming system. The Sentinel is designed, tested and manufactured to EN14143 and ISO 9001 Article 11B.

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The market leader in respiratory protection system technology, Avon Protection works closely with professionals to understand and meet their changing personal protection equipment needs. Avon Protection offers a wide selection of high-performance, timesaving respiratory protection equipment which employ the most advanced features in the industry. Avon has been supplying respirators to the UK Ministry of Defence and other NATO allies since the 1920’s. The company is the primary supplier of CBRN personal respiratory equipment to the United States Department of Defense, providing respiratory equipment to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Special Operations Forces. Additionally, Avon Protection is the market leader among LE and SWAT users in the US. For more information about the company’s products visit: www.avon-protection.com.


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Avon has a strong heritage in designing and manufacturing respirators and combining this with the wealth of experience within the workforce it has secured Avon's position as the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of specialist and general personal respiratory protection solutions for a range of CBRN applications. Avon Rubber p.l.c. is a world leader in the design, test and manufacture of advanced CBRN respiratory protection solutions to the world’s military, law enforcement, first responder, emergency services, fire and industrial markets. Avon has a unique capability in CBRN protection based on a range of advanced CBRN technologies in respirator design, filtration and compressed air breathing apparatus. This enables Avon to develop specialised solutions that take full account of user requirements. Avon Rubber p.l.c. also owns Avon Engineered Fabrications manufacturing products including hovercraft skirting and flexible storage tanks and a world leading dairy business manufacturing dairy liners and tubing.