Axfood Närlivs to move parts of Tyringe warehouse to Örebro

​Axfood Närlivs' board of directors has decided to make a change in part of Axfood Närlivs' warehouse operations. The aim is to streamline logistics and make them more flexible in order to better meet customers' future needs.

The operational change entails that the entire inventory of non-refrigerated products in Tyringe will be moved to Örebro. The Tyringe facility will continue to be used for frozen products, transports and parts of the supply chain for fast food products.

The offices in Tyringe, which house the purchasing function, customer support and sales, will be closed in their entirety. Purchasing and customer support will be moved to Örebro, and the sales function will be moved to Axfood Närlivs' offices in Malmö.

The change will also result in a discontinuation of the supply chain for fast food products in Örebro. A new unit for fast food products will be built in the Gothenburg region in 2011 to complement the fast food unit in Stockholm.

A total of 60 positions in Tyringe will be affected by the move of operations.

Union negotiations will begin shortly.


For further information, please contact:
Nicholas Pettersson, President, Axfood Närlivs AB, +46-702-61 28 72


Axfood Närlivs AB is an open wholesaling operation comprising three business areas: Axfood Närlivs – Wholesaling, Axfood Snabbgross and Tempo. Axfood Närlivs AB is focused on both distribution and cash and carry operations. In retailing, the company relies on the strong store profiles of Tempo, Handlar'n and Direkten, as well as the NetXtra online shopping concept. Axfood Närlivs AB is responsible for market development of nearly all stores not owned by Axfood in the mini-market and convenience store segments. Our business concept is to make it easy for our customers to do good business. Axfood Närlivs AB had sales of SEK 5,571 million in 2009 and is part of Axfood AB, which is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm AB's Large Cap list.


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