Aysling Dives Deep Creating New Tank Watch App with Adobe DPS

World’s fragile reefs have a new ally with Rene Umberger and her Tank Watch movement

The newly-designed Tank Watch app, built by Aysling with Adobe DPS, is rapidly gaining a sizable following for the cause of saving colorful natural reef fish from being exploited for aquarium use.

Tank Watch app founder Rene Umberger, who was recently featured on NBC national news, knew she needed some help in getting her word out on this issue. She had the right message, but lacked the means to deliver it.

“I was on a dive trip recently with Aysling’s David Fry and asked if he knew of a way I could get a beautifully-designed app produced quickly,” said Umberger. “Of course, he recommended Aysling.”

So with Aysling’s tech team on board, Umberger’s heartfelt message began to take shape. Her vision was brought to life on mobile units and tablets, not only to better educate the public on the ethics of taking fish from fragile ecosystems, but also to educate the legions of saltwater fish tank owners in the U.S. and abroad as to which fish are OK to purchase, and which have been unethically (at best) appropriated from fragile reefs around the world.

“Once Aysling signed on to create the Tank Watch app, we immediately began to receive support from underwater photographers around the world in order to help populate the app with amazing imagery,” said Aysling’s Sheila Magie, VP of Design and Production. “Quite literally overnight we were able to go from some graphics and text to taking the viewer underwater on any one of the world’s great saltwater reefs.

“It is definitely one of the more visually-dynamic apps that Aysling has created up to this point.”

Umberger was stunned by the final product. “In terms of what I was expecting and what Aysling delivered - I was blown away,” she said. “The final design was unbelievable. I didn’t know that it was possible, being that I just gave Aysling several ideas…and they ran with it. Pretty impressive to say the least.”

Utilizing Adobe’s DPS system exclusively, Aysling’s Tank Watch App started out on paper and through a few emails in late 2013 before going “live” in 2014. It is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“When you match the right technology with heartfelt passion the end result can be a beautiful thing,” said Patrick Becker, CEO of Aysling. “Like with all of our clients, Aysling takes pride in delivering the ‘wow’ factor with everything we do. Seeing Rene’s reaction to our efforts in delivering the visuals to her idea -- and making them easily accessible to the masses -- certainly made for a memorable project.”


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