bieMEDIA, WebsPlanet and ASEC United States Global Strategic Alliance Announced

Denver, Colorado- bieMEDIA (Denver, Paris), WebsPlanet (NJ, Tel Aviv) and ASEC International (US, Philippines & India) today announced a joint global strategic partnership to provide state-of-the-art video production and technology (bieMEDIA), platforms for the mass production of websites (WebsPlanet) and global Business Process Outsourcing (ASEC International). This strategic relationship will combine the expertise of each company, collective technological and market experience in video, web design and deployment in the directory publishing and online industries. Together, the companies will offer cost-effective, revenue generating solutions to the global markets.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Webs Planet and ASEC International given their innovative and leading roles in the industry” stated Olivier Katz - bieMEDIA COO. “This strategic alliance is designed to offer our clients a truly integrated marketing solution approach with a full consolidation of services. It’s all about providing costs effectiveness and a centralized point of interaction to all of our clients. We are focused on supporting the online directory executives who are increasingly challenged by the ever changing digital marketing landscape, and the complexities of coordinating video production and distribution with online and mobile web production and fulfillment.”

“The need for an innovative and unified offering in these key areas is paramount in servicing the needs of the industry”, said Alf Poor, General Manager WebsPlanet’s USA. “The collective go-to-market experience and thought leadership of BieMEDIA, ASEC and WebsPlanet helps remove several layers of what is otherwise a difficult decision-making process for Online Directories. The benefit of a simplified landscape in the areas of design and fulfillment of Videos and Web Sites, as well as BieMEDIA’s expertise in Digital Marketing and Branding, provides our clients with the confidence that they are investing in solutions to satisfy both current and future customer needs.”  

“In working together with bieMEDIA and WebsPlanet we have combined the most advanced video production and web-building technologies with the scalability of our multiple production facilities”, states John Nichols, ASEC Director of Account Management.  “The combination provides the highest quality website and video solutions while reducing complexities and costs for our customers.”


About bieMEDIA

bieMEDIA headquartered in Denver with European offices in Paris, France and its’ subsidiaries, Creative303, 5ive11 Productions and Seedium deliver a full slate of turnkey revenue-generating, marketing and business solutions. Our products and services include a suite of customized distribution solutions, rich media, SEO, VSEO, video platform options, marketing, branding strategies, and state-of-the-art video production. For more information visit


About ASEC International

ASEC International is a leading global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider with offices in the United States, Philippines and India. With over 25 years of experience, we deliver scalable, reliable and innovative outsourcing solutions to diversified markets. We have industry leading expertise in each of our markets and are committed to ensuring every client of ours receives superior value that is measurable. We have demonstrated this value to more than 200 global BPO clients that include many of the world’s leading companies and institutions. Visit ASEC International at  


About WebsPlanet

WebsPlanet is the leading provider of platforms for the mass production of websites. Established in 2004, and with offices in New Jersey, USA and in Tel Aviv Israel, WebsPlanet has already achieved proven success around the world. The reason: The WebsPlanet team has taken its collective technological and market experience in the directory publishing and online industries to bring unmatched, cost-effective, revenue generating solutions to the market. Visit us at

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