Bitsquid recieves Vinnova research funding

Bitsquid recieves research funding for project within "Real-Time Visualization of film in video-gaming"

In tough competition among 302 applicants, Bitsquid is one of approximately 30 companies that has received funding from Vinnova - Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. The money will be used to research and develop a tool for producing movies in the Bitsquid game engine. The tool will allow camera positioning, cutting, animation, lighting and other techniques typically used in high quality movie production.

Gaming technology differs from traditional computer movie making technology in that everything happens in real-time. With gaming technology, one second of movie takes one second to generate. You are actually watching the movie as it is being rendered. In contrast, with traditional computer generated film making, it can take hours or days to render one second of film.

The faster rendering allows movies to be made cheaper and in a more iterative and dynamic way, as cameras, lights and animations can be repositioned and tweaked without having to spend days or weeks to see the result. “This leads to huge cost savings for Bitsquid’s established customer base and also opens up new markets in the movie- and real estate sales industry.” says Bitsquid CEO Johan Strömberg. For more information please look at

About Bitsquid

Bitsquid operates in the video games middleware sector and has developed a new high-end game engine. The game engine is a licensable platform for creating computer games, built from its inception to focus on performance, flexibility and productivity. Bitsquid has a comprehensive product with an established set of customers on a global market. Key advantages within real-time collaboration and sub-second iteration times on several different platforms simultaneously contributes to substantial reduction in development cost for customers using the Bitsquid engine. 

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About Us

Bitsquid is a high-end game engine built from its inception to focus on performance, flexibility and productivity. Key advantages lowering cost are: ● Lean code base (estimated 10x smaller)● Fast workflows and sub second iteration on multiple devices simultaneously● Usable for a large variety of games and platforms