Forté tackles hidden air conditioning dangers

Leading trade-only treatments company Forté has launched a campaign to tackle potentially harmful bacteria lurking in vehicle air conditioning systems.

Experts at the Coventry-based company said decontaminating air conditioning systems could help motorists avoid potential health problems, including sickness and flu-like symptoms.

Forté’s mantra is ‘Decontaminate, Deodorise, Purify’ to prevent harmful bacteria escaping from untreated air conditioning systems through vehicle air vents and improving air quality in the vehicle cabin.

The ideal and cost-effective solution is to use Forté Air Conditioner Treatment to prevent or effectively eliminate mould, fungi and unpleasant odours that occur in air conditioning systems which have not been used for a period of time.

Benefits of using it include destroying bacteria on the evaporator, eliminating unpleasant odours emitted from air conditioning systems, deodorising the passenger cabin and providing a healthier environment for car occupants.

Applying the treatment simply involves running a vehicle's air conditioning system on re-circulate and leaving the can of the treatment fully activated in the front passenger foot well, discharging into the passenger cabin. The normal air conditioning setting is selected for a further five minutes, resulting in mould, fungi and bacteria being eliminated and bad odours neutralised, leaving a fresh apple fragrance in the car. The entire process takes just 15 minutes.

Phil Dugmore, Forté’s technical manager said: “Properly maintained air conditioning systems help ensure that motorists can drive throughout the warmer months of the year, cool, comfortable and safe in the knowledge that they are not potentially putting their health at risk. Typically, air conditioning systems are not used during the winter months, which can provide the perfect breeding environment for mould and bacteria. When the air conditioning systems are switched back on it can lead to a host of problems which could be easily avoided by using Forté Air Conditioner Treatment as a cost-effective and simple solution to this perennial problem.”

Forté has grown extensively and now works with around 9,000 garages, workshops and franchised dealers throughout the UK. 

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