More than half of businesses are ignoring the best way to cut business costs


Leading Midlands energy monitoring company, Advanced Carbon Energy Solutions (ACES) are alerting businesses that they are not employing one of the most effective procedures to reduce business outgoings.

Energy monitoring represents one of the single largest opportunities for businesses to cut costs, yet recent research by nPower has found that over 50% of SMEs are missing out on huge savings by not integrating monitoring solutions such as the ones ACES provide.

ACES have previously implemented some of the most innovative technologies for a range of companies across different sectors. Walkers Crisps installed an ACES sequencing solution which stopped the compressors from turning on and off all the time. This was a drain on energy use that the company were unaware of, and once the solution had been implemented it led to significant cost savings as well as reducing energy consumption.

Findings from the same report also found that one in five businesses are unaware of whether they had reduced the amount of commercial energy usage in the past twelve months.

Jason Davis, managing director of Advanced Carbon Energy Solutions Limited is urging these businesses to pay more attention to where they are spending money. “You would think at a point in the economy where businesses are struggling they would be fully aware of where every penny is being spent, but it is surprising to find that so many companies are just oblivious to the fact that energy monitoring can save so much money.”

There is an array of technologies on the market to monitor the energy of companies of all sizes, which can produce return on investment in as little as six months. However, findings from the Forum of Private Businesses showed that 50% of companies believe they cannot become environmentally friendly until they are more profitable.

Jason continued: “It is common for business owners to turn a blind eye to energy efficiency because they think it will be too time-consuming and take over other business issues, however by consulting an energy monitoring company there will be little effort needed by the business owner themselves. At ACES we provide Gateway Energy Monitoring systems which allow the company to view the reports on a web portal, instantly seeing where every penny is being spent. We want to provide more support to companies to make them more efficient, and at the same time make them more profitable through significant cost savings.”

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Advanced Carbon Energy Solutions Limited (ACES) provide a range of bespoke energy monitoring solutions to help businesses achieve continuous improvement in their carbon energy reduction. Offering a range of energy monitoring systems as well as various meter reading techniques and energy reporting, ACES offer innovative solutions that will benefit small niche businesses just as much as they benefit larger multi nationals.





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