FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA., March  21, 2013 -- Brownie’s Marine Group (OTC BB: BWMG) is pleased to announce authorized service center status for “Torqeedo,” the leader in battery-powered clean outboard boat motors .

“Torqeedo has solidly dominated the battery-powered boat motor category with superior technology and revolutionary benefits, according to independent industry experts. A range of prizes and awards already decorate the Torqeedo corporate halls,” said Brownie’s Marine Group CEO Robert Carmichael.

Headquartered in Stranberg, Germany, since its formation in 2005, Torqeedo is known to boaters as the undisputed pioneer in intelligent, variable-speed electric outboards. Its multiple award-winning motors feature record levels of efficiency, integrated lithium batteries, an ultra-light design and innovative on-board computers. Brownie’s Marine Group’s novel VS Dive System technology greatly parallels the technology and market space now dominated by Torqeedo in a positive, synergistic way. Torqeedo motor and battery owners can easily adapt a Brownie VS system to their onboard power source and they are already culturally geared to DC energy sources.

“Torqeedo’s strength was recently displayed when the venture capital arm of the Bosch Group invested in the Company,” Mr. Carmichael explained ( .

For the coming season at Torqeedo, there are fourteen motors ranging from 1 to 80 HP which is creating a significant demand for professional service and support resources in key boating regions. Brownie’s Marine Group has recognized the compounding benefit of joining forces and has already completed service technician training sessions and initiated fully authorized warranty and traditional service to dealers and direct to end-users.

All Torqeedo outboards offer record levels of overall efficiency; are equipped with integrated on-board computers including GPS-based range calculation, speed over ground and battery condition, and are waterproof to IP 67.

In the field of lithium battery technology, Torqeedo reached a level of sophistication with the Power 26-104 that is currently unbeatable in terms of intelligence, safety and performance. Brownie’s patent-pending line of VS dive systems are now coming to market with the ability to tap into the incredible technology found in the “Power 26-104” system.

“This is just the tip of many great things to come of this technology and our strategic partnership with Torqeedo,” commented William Mee, chief engineer on the VS project at Brownie’s Marine Group.

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