London & Birmingham Top The Table For Tree Cover

How Does Your Local Tree Canopy Compare?

Treeconomics has discovered that some unexpected towns and cities have a high proportion of tree cover, performing much better than others that may be considered to have a high tree canopy.  Joint top of the table are the cities of Birmingham and Exeter with 23% canopy cover, followed closely by London with 22%. Down the coast from Exeter, Torbay, renowned as the ‘English Riviera’ and the first area in the UK to undertake a full i-Tree Eco Survey by Treeconomics, currently has the lowest proportion at 11% cover.

How does your local tree canopy cover compare to other urban areas? Treeconomics has developed an urban tree cover website, comparing the different urban areas in the UK which have carried out tree canopy cover surveys. Viewable on a dedicated website,, the comparison table reveals some surprises. The website is continually updated as new studies are added.

Understanding tree canopy is the first principal and is routinely seen as one of the first stages in managing urban forests, which are essential to provide shade, store carbon, filter pollutants and reduce storm water runoff.  Assessing canopy cover enables city / town planners, urban foresters, mayors, councils, local authorities and communities focus attention on their green infrastructure as a key component of community planning, sustainability and resilience.

Treeconomics offers canopy cover surveys, which are often a precursor to an i-Tree Eco Survey, used to understand the tree resource of an area and calculate the benefits of the urban forest in its contribution to pollution and carbon reduction and in monetary terms. Treeconomics can then go on to provide advice on how to best manage these essential natural resources.

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