BESTIC SINGLE – Merengue with a spoon

One button - One press - One bite

A year and a half ago, we launched our eating assistive device Bestic. Since then, we have kept on developing Bestic, making it even simpler and better accessible for more people who want to eat independently. It was important for us to keep it simple without losing focus on our key values: Independence, integrity, dignity and self-confidence.

After a lot of hard work, we are now proud to present BESTIC SINGLE – a new and unique software that will further increase the effortlessness of controlling Bestic. The only move required by the user, is to push one button: no more, no less. BESTIC SINGLE will thus facilitate eating with Bestic for all users, it is like the spoon is “dancing Merengue” over the plate.

When a one-button control device is pushed, the software moves the spoon in a set pattern to scoop up the food from the plate. For those who are not used to multiple touch control devices or who are only able to push one button, BESTIC SINGLE will enable them to eat with Bestic without compromises.

BESTIC SINGLE is a patent pending algorithm.

BESTIC SINGLE comes with two different types of settings: SINGLEONE-STEP and SINGLETWO-STEP. Please contact us for more detailed information on how the different settings work.

Photo: Bestic AB.
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Camanio Care is a care tech company, developing services with the individual in focus. The company offers solutions within robotics, assistive devices, and gamification, with products such as BikeAround™,Bestic®, and Giraff™. Through three focus areas; Active Life, Mealtime and Digital Care, the company wishes to support people's basic needs and increase the competence and quality within health care. Camanio Care has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, a subsidiary in the U.S., as well as distributors in China, Australia and ten European countries.