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Camanio Care is currently in a phase where many things are happening. Social media is an important part of our communications strategy, and we provide our followers with regular updates about the company as well as new developments within welfare technology. 

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Video is a great tool to communicate important messages. When Google released their emotional movie about BikeAround™ jDome® last year, many people open their eyes to us as a company as well as our products. Watch Google’s movie about BikeAround here.  

We consider the users of our products to be of great value, both to us as a company, but also to people who are interested to know more about our products. At the nursing home Danvikshem in Stockholm, BikeAround Screen™ is used as a part of the rehabilitation. We have met Bengt, one of the residents, who told us about his biking experience. Watch the interview here.

Camanio Care is growing and has several new employees on our team. To give our followers greater insight on how we work, we are currently producing videos where we present our team members. Watch the interview with Daniel Berlin, CTO at Camanio Care.  

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Catharina Borgenstierna, CEO
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About Camanio Care
Camanio Care is a care tech company, developing services with the individual in focus. The company offers solutions within robotics, assistive devices, and gamification, with products such as BikeAround™, Bestic®, and Giraff™.
Through three focus areas; Active Life, Mealtime and Digital Care, the company wishes to support people’s basic needs and increase the competence and quality within health care.

Camanio Care has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, a subsidiary in the U.S., as well as distributors in China, Australia and ten European countries.

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About Us

Camanio Care is a care technology company developing smart solutions for digital home care with the individual in focus. The company offers digital service platforms, products and services, such as Vital Smart Care, ICE, BikeAround, Bestic and Giraff. Through optimizing the mix of physical and digital care, Camanio Care works to support the basic needs of individuals and increasing the freedom, efficiency and quality of care. Camanio Care has its headquarters in Stockholm, the subsidiary Camanio Care Inc. in the U.S., and distributors in Asia, Middle East, Hongkong, Australia and tens of European countries.


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