CAP strengthens its flagship pricing tool with the launch of Valuation Anywhere v2.0 with live trade prices


CAP’S FLAGSHIP vehicle pricing tool Valuation Anywhere sees version 2.0 released to customers this month as figures reveal a massive swing to online ‘real-time’ delivery of trade values.

Valuation Anywhere, which is the principle delivery platform for CAP’s unique Black Book Live real-time trade values guide, has seen growth in market share of 2,077% in just 3 years.

Powered by the convenience of VRM (vehicle registration mark) look-up, Valuation Anywhere with Black Book Live puts instant real-time trade values in the hands of users on computers and all leading mobile devices anywhere with wired, wireless or 3G/4G internet connection.

The launch of Black Book Live – CAP’s principal trade valuation system which reports changed trade prices as soon as they are researched – made Valuation Anywhere into the most flexible and relevant pricing tool in the market.

VA v2.0 improves the user experience by improved integration with Black Book Live trade prices together with scores of further enhancements derived directly from customer feedback. These include a wide range of new features covering vehicle groups, interior and exterior appraisal functions, vehicle record export, storage and printing, multi-license information sharing and full views of all option and technical data.

But it is the improved integration with Black Book Live that unlocks the power of VA 2.0. With around 50% of all car derivative values changing significantly in the marketplace during the course of a month, VA with Live data keeps users more up to date than any other online or mobile valuation system available.

CAP Development Director, Anthony Doherty, said: “Valuation Anywhere has rapidly become CAP’s flagship pricing tool and clear integration with Black Book Live real time trade values easily makes it the most valuable to customers.

“With real time trade values available through the simple input of a VRM customers with live data have a clear advantage in knowing whether the vehicle is moving up or down in value – something that users of other systems will have to wait perhaps another month to find out.

“Quite simply, VA Live shines a light on the ‘here and now’ to help with smarter purchase, disposal and part-exchange decisions.”


To request more information or to sign up for a free trial of VA with Black Book Live further details can be found at

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