Cassandra Oil produces bio-fuel out of used tires

SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut was commissioned by Cassandra Oil to analyze oil produced from waste tires at the processing plant in Västerås. The purpose of the test was to confirm the non-fossil share in the oil sample.

The test, which was conducted through the C14 method has established that the oil produced from used tires is approximately 48% fossil free. This indicates that this portion can be classified as recyclable bio-fuel. This result is of great advantage to Cassandra Oil, because as previously mentioned, the CASO produced oil will have a higher market value than standard crude oil.

SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut has conducted this test on the carbon part of the oil.

"For every barrel of oil our process plant can produce from waste, we save on natural resources, whilst contributing to the circular community and economy," says Anders Olsson, CEO Cassandra Oil.

For further information, please contact
Anders Olsson, CEO Cassandra Oil AB
+ 46 761 63 21 00

This is Cassandra Oil AB
Cassandra Oil is a Swedish company which, with the help of new technologies, recoveres oil from hydrocarbon-containing materials, such as used tires, plastic waste, oil sludge, waste oil and, eventually, oil sands, oil shale and electronic scrap. Cassandra Oil's share is listed on Nasdaq First North, Stockholm with the short name CASO with Remium AB as Certified Adviser. The number of shareholders is about 8000.



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