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  • Newly signed Scottish band Gia Valentina prepare to surprise audiences at their biggest concert to date
  • All Day Gig at Eagle Inn, Coatbridge expected to be a sell out
  • Event will test audience reaction to new music ahead of next single release

Up and coming Scottish band Gia Valentina are gearing up for their biggest gig to date due to take place on Saturday.

The All Day Gig at The Eagle Inn, Coatbridge will go ahead on 9 August and is expected to be a sell-out event.  

Popular acts such as The Velveteen Saints, Feet of Clay and Pronto Mama are headlining the gig, which will draw hundreds of people and create the perfect platform for six-piece alternative psychedelic outfit Gia Valentina to showcase their more established singles and test audience reaction to new sounds.

The band - vocalist Steven Warnock, guitarists John McAurthur and Ciaran ‘Cheesy’ Febers, bass guitarist Andrew Tracey, drummer Anton Lafferty and keyboard player and vocalist Amy Robertson - are the first act to be signed to new independent Scottish label Cave Wall Records. They launched their debut album at G2 in Glasgow in May.

Steven Warnock (21) said: “The band are really looking forward to the All Day Gig. It’ll be our biggest one yet in terms of audience after our album launch and, with acts like the Velveteen Saints and others such as Kill Surff in the line-up; it’s bound to be good. The Eagle Inn is a perfect place for a brilliant day in terms of music, so we’re all excited about it.”

Steven explained an All Day Gig, like the one at the Eagle Inn, only happens now and again and can create the perfect opportunity to test audience reaction to new music.

He said: “It’s a great chance to try out new sounds and test audience reaction, so we’re really happy we’re going to be there. The audience is always honest, which really helps when choosing our next single, because you can really see if people like it or not.

“A person in the audience at a gig is completely different to someone listening in a studio, and that’s what you want, an honest reaction to the music. So we always like to play new stuff as well as our more established sounds at gigs. It helps keep things fresh and the audience at the All Day Gig can expect to hear some of our new tracks.”

Steven explained that playing some of the band’s more established tracks can help capture the audience’s attention at the beginning of a gig.

“’No More’ really seems to get the audience’s adrenalin going and ‘God Only Knows’ (both of which feature on the band’s debut album) is also another firm favourite. It’s really important to draw the crowd in and get them involved from the start because then it really builds.”

Preparations are now well under way for the All Day Gig according to Steven, who admitted gathering all six of the band members together on the same night for extra rehearsals can be a challenge in itself.

He said: “Some of us are in uni and some of us work and there’s been a few on holiday, so pulling everyone together at the same time can be difficult. But we all know our parts really well, so when we do all come together in the end, it always sounds good.

“And although rehearsals are important, I think you can really hear when a band has over rehearsed because it can sound clinical. We like to keep a real honesty about our music, it’s great to get on stage and have that real ‘live’ vibe going on.”

Meanwhile, swapping jeans for suits helps the band get into the swing ahead of a gig.

“As soon as we slip into our suits, we get into character,” said Steven: “Cheesy absolutely goes for it on stage and the rest of us really vibe off him. John and Andy are the quieter ones, so it’s a good mix. There’s a good chemistry when we’re all together, there’s a good energy.”

And for anyone who’s still unfamiliar with Gia’s dulcet tones, Steven describes what audiences can expect.

He said: “Our music is modern, melodic rock, with some dance elements to it. But it’s a mix, because then Amy floats in with piano tunes, so there are different sounds. The audience can expect a surprise when they listen to us.”

And Steven explained that the band have been basking in some of the success they’ve earned since the album launch.

“I’ve got a friend in Airdrie who told me a work colleague came in wearing a Gia t-shirt. That news literally made my day. We’ve also seen a lot more people come into the studio to buy our CD or vinyl. It’s exciting and we’re looking forward to the future.”

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Gia Valentina are the first act to be signed to Cave Wall Records and launched their debut album in May.
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The band are really looking forward to the All Day Gig. It’ll be our biggest one yet in terms of audience after our album launch
Steven Warnock, vocalist, Gia Valentina