City of Oulu and Caverion enter into a partnership to improve energy efficiency in buildings

Caverion Corporation Investor news 3 July, 2017 at 10.00 a.m. EEST

City of Oulu and Caverion enter into a partnership to improve energy efficiency in buildings

Oulu Facilities Centre, a public utility, has selected Caverion as its partner to improve energy efficiency in buildings. Over the 3.5-year agreement period, building systems will be modernised in the City of Oulu’s facilities through ESCO projects. The measures will be funded with the savings generated by the modernisations. The total value of the contract to Caverion will be approximately EUR 4 million by 2020.

“The City of Oulu has joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement for the Municipal Sector for the new period 2017–2025. This ESCO partnership will play a major role in meeting the new targets. From the city’s perspective, it is especially positive that the project can be funded with the savings from reduced energy consumption,” says Johanna Mäkelä, energy specialist at Oulu Facilities Centre.

The first phase of the project includes replacing the existing lighting in the selected four facilities with energy-efficient solutions, installing air-source heat pump solutions as well as improving the control functions of building systems related to energy efficiency. Ventilation systems will also be upgraded in some of the facilities. The greatest energy savings will be achieved in the indoor swimming pool in Raksila, where Caverion will make changes to ventilation and install heat recovery systems in the treatment process for shower and pool waters.

Aiming at annual energy savings of EUR 100,000

The aim is to achieve annual energy savings of approximately EUR 100,000 in the four facilities of the City of Oulu, compared with the current situation. Carbon dioxide emissions will also be decreased by more than 500 tonnes per year. After the energy efficiency investments and alterations, Caverion will be responsible for energy savings and energy efficiency optimisation in the facilities, and will also give an energy savings guarantee.

“Substantial investments have already been made in energy efficiency projects in Finland, and it is great to also have Oulu as a new ESCO client, following the cities of Vantaa and Jyväskylä. Meeting the renewable energy and energy efficiency targets extending to 2020 and advancing sustainable development call for concrete action by all municipalities,” says Ville Tamminen, Head of Division Finland at Caverion.

Caverion has implemented ESCO projects for municipalities such as Jyväskylä, Siilinjärvi, Kuopio, Turku and Akaa.  Caverion has also delivered extensive ESCO and EPC projects in other Nordic countries.  The ESCO service is ideal for municipal projects, which can be funded wholly or largely with energy cost savings from the project.

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Photo: Raksila swimming hall, City of Oulu / © Esa Eirola (for one time use only)

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Kirsi Hemmilä, Communications Manager, Caverion Finland, tel. +358 50 390 0941, 
Johanna Mäkelä, energy specialist, Oulu Facilities Centre, tel.+358 44 703 2536 , 

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City of Oulu and Caverion enter into a partnership to improve energy efficiency in buildings
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