Stockholm metro system: 100 stations and five train depots maintained

Caverion Corporation Article 15 February, 2018 at 3.00 p.m. EET

Stockholm metro system: 100 stations and five train depots maintained

Since last year Caverion has been in charge of the service and planned maintenance of all the buildings within the metro system in Stockholm, Sweden. 100 stations and five train depots mean that 105 properties need to be maintained.

“Caverion has the expertise. They are better than us at determining what needs to be done in the properties. That’s why we have signed a Managed Services contract containing both rewards and penalties. It’s Caverion’s job to make sure that the buildings are maintained and taken care of so that our passengers can travel safely and securely in a beautiful environment,” says Josef Dadoun, Business Manager at Trafikförvaltningen/SL (Stockholm public transport).

Caverion’s Johan Norberg and his colleagues are up against a tough assignment in a tough environment.  

“Our goal is to elevate the current status of the buildings through proper maintenance and planned actions. This heavily reduces the number of urgent faults. The nature of the agreement is an extra incentive for us to be proactive,” Johan says.

The 105 properties cover a total area of roughly 700,000 square metres, spread out over the greater Stockholm area. About half of the stations are located on ground level. The other half is below ground – that comes with a number of challenges. For example, a large amount of water needs to be pumped from the underground stations, around the clock, every day. Should the pumps stop, there would be large damages on the properties in no time.

Stockholm metro is also the world’s longest art exhibition

Kungsträdgården station is one of a handful of stations that are completely free from advertising. Everything is art, the walls, the floor and the benches. Caverion is responsible for the technical solutions that the art installations in the station need.

The decorations usually have some kind of a connection to the area around the station. Seven stations have temporary exhibitions and the work with the art continues non-stop. The older pieces need frequent renovation and maintenance since the rough environment takes a heavy toll.

Several energy saving actions are underway at the Hammarby train depot

The depot is a maintenance garage for all kinds of metro cars and also contains a newly constructed area for maintenance of the metro’s work vehicles. Several energy saving actions are also underway. In connection with the ongoing renovation, all of the windows have been replaced. This reduces energy usage and maintenance needs. There are also plans for changing over 300 luminaires to LED shortly.

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