Veho and Caverion reduced carbon dioxide emissions in real estate by 830 tonnes

Caverion Corporation Press release 18 May, 2017 at 10.00 a.m. EEST

Veho and Caverion reduced carbon dioxide emissions in real estate by 830 tonnes

Caverion and Veho have achieved significant results in improving Veho's real estates’ energy efficiency. In 2016, the total energy savings achieved by energy efficiency improvement, real estate utilisation optimisation, 24/7 real estate control, and energy management were around 3,750 MWh, which means a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by about 830 tonnes.

“The emissions saved are equivalent to driving approximately 8.3 million kilometres with a Mercedes-Benz A 180 d car or about 330 cars a year based on an average annual driving distance of 25,000 kilometres. The results of the cooperation have been excellent and support our strategy for sustainable mobility. Veho is a pioneer in creating more sustainable mobility and actively seeking opportunities to generate mobility-related services more economically,” says Veho's CFO Anssi Räsänen.

“Veho has boldly applied Caverion's service package and measuring of results. During the first year of contract, we have achieved our commonly set qualitative targets and were able to even exceed the financial targets. With professional maintenance, efficient operation processes, and energy management we have ensured the good conditions and usability of real estate. At the same time, we have been able to provide our customers with significant operational efficiency and meet the sustainability requirements set by Veho for their business,” says Head of division Finland of Caverion, Ville Tamminen.

Veho and Caverion deepened their co-operation concerning Veho's properties in 2015. The focus of co-operation is on energy efficiency and efficient managed services.

The agreement covers 37 Veho properties in different parts of Finland, with a total area of ​​approximately 176,000 m². Caverion's services cover the comprehensive services of Veho's commercial real estate, technical maintenance and maintenance, expert services, 24/7 remote centre, and HelpDesk services.

Caverion is responsible for improving the energy efficiency of the properties and has guaranteed substantial cost savings throughout the contract period.

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Kirsi Hemmilä, Communications Manager, Caverion Finland, tel. +358 50 390 0941, 

Jaana Salminen, Property Manager, Veho, tel. +358 500 633 830,

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Veho is a Finnish company established in 1939. It operates in the automotive industry and has dealerships in Sweden and the Baltic countries in addition to its native Finland. Our operations are guided by the customer experience, which we think should be seamless, no matter which channel of communication the customer chooses. Not a single vehicle, spare part, or rental should be left unsold due to a poor customer experience. Veho's range of makes and models contain both new and used vehicles to suit you and your lifestyle. For companies we are a partner that provides a wide range of services and transportation solutions from passenger cars to heavy-duty special vehicles.  Our services make owning a car effortless. We also have mobility services available if owning a car is not the best option for you.  Veho is latin, and means “I transport”. It is just as relevant now as it was when our company was established in 1939, and it has not changed since. We are also setting a much greater goal for ourselves; Our passion for sustainable mobility. Twitter @VehoSuomi  Facebook @Veho.Suomi LinkedIn Veho Oy Ab 

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Veho and Caverion reduced carbon dioxide emissions in real estate by 830 tonnes
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