ROLA puts DAB in the palm of your hand

The new DABmotion ROLA DAB digital radio conversion kit has arrived with big improvements over to the award-winning DABmotion DAB1001 kit it replaces.

Immediately noticeable, are upgrades to the older ‘match box’ sized controller which is replaced with a new simple-to-use ROLA wheel RF remote control. The ROLA control fits neatly into the palm of one hand, for easy driver operation. It also gives much improved battery life, with a handy low battery warning alert too.

New button layouts, shown to speed navigation during development, mean DABmotion ROLA ranks top of the class amongst DAB digital radio kits for ease of fit and use. Fitting the kit not only brings the full array of digital radio stations straight into your car, there also even a button to switch to the popular AUX IN function on DABmotion too – so any stored MP3 music is literally at drivers’ fingertips as well.

DABmotion ROLA works in the same way as the original DABmotion DAB1001 kit; it’s made up of the new ROLA control, an improved glass-mount digital radio antenna and the ‘black box’ interface. The ‘black box’ is small enough to be located pretty much anywhere in the vehicle, from boot to glove-box. You can expect professional installation, to fully conceal it behind the dash, to take no more than an hour.

DABmotion ROLA receives DAB and DAB+ signal, broadcasting it back wirelessly on FM so there’s no need to change the existing radio head unit to gain the full range of DAB stations. You can even see track, station and artist information on your existing radio’s digital display.

Technical upgrades to DABmotion ROLA ‘under the hood’ are many. The unique AFC automatic retuning capability, that’s key to maintaining clear audio on the move, now delivers even better real-world performance - making any interference or reception problems a thing of the past.

DABmotion ROLA will also be amongst the very first DAB retrofit products to carry to new government ‘Tick Mark’. This is being introduced by Digital Radio UK as part of the drive to digital radio and aims to help people source best-in-class products and services.

Last but not least, DABmotion ROLA retains exactly the same £149.99 inc VAT standard retail price. So, with all the improvements DABmotion say it’s really only the price that’s stayed the same.

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The DABmotion brand was created by Celsus in 2013 for the company’s in vehicle DAB digital radio retrofit conversion solutions.

DABmotion DAB1001 launched in July 2013 as a cost-effective universal DAB vehicle retrofit solution. The kit comprised a glass mount antenna, matchbox-sized remote control and compact hideaway ‘black box’ interface. The system offered a reliable and affordable way to upgrade any car audio system to the wealth of digital radio choice without the need to replace the existing head unit.

Patented AFC auto-retune technology captures seamless digital radio without interference whilst on the move. DABmotion then effectively decodes digital radio and converts it into an FM signal that is transmitted wirelessly to the car’s original radio, even displaying track / station / artist information on the display. It can be professionally installed in under an hour.

DABmotion offers recognised training too under IMI Awards for automotive or audio technicians looking to capitalise on growing consumer demand for car DAB radio conversions ahead of a future UK digital radio switchover. Training can be completed on site, in as little as half day, backed by the promise that anyone completing it will be able to confidently install working DAB radio into any car.

DABmotion ROLA was launched in September 2014 to bring a number of improvements to the award-winning DABmotion 1001 kit. DABmotion ROLA is fully ‘Tick Mark’ approved under the government scheme designed to help the UK public locate best quality products and services.

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The ROLA control fits neatly into the palm of one hand, for easy driver operation
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DABmotion ROLA receives DAB and DAB+ signal, broadcasting it back wirelessly on FM so there’s no need to change the existing radio head unit to gain the full range of DAB stations.
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DABmotion ROLA will also be among the first DAB products to carry to new government ‘Tick Mark’ being introduced by Digital Radio UK
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