IAAF (CV section) leads the way to help the Fleet Operators

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(CV Diagnostics)

There are a number of key pressures on today’s fleet operators including; to reduce costs - to increase vehicle utilisation - to meet the current Health & Safety requirements - to be mindful of the obligations within Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

In today’s competitive market environment, the IAAF (CV section) recognises that it is vital that fleet operators minimise the time that their vehicles are off the road and not earning revenue. At the same time, responsible operators will also want to be confident that any replacement parts that they fit to their vehicles are of Original Equipment (OE) quality and fully underpinned by the prime parts manufacturer’s warranty framework.

Furthermore, as technology develops, in many cases a quality parts supply is no longer sufficient – this needs to be backed up by the ability to provide a diagnostic service to determine exactly what faults are present and to be able to programme in correctly the parameters for the replacement parts.

IAAF CV section chairman, Darren Miller commented, “Any trailer with an EBS braking system, must have access to a diagnostic facility. Any EBS ECU must be programmed on replacement in order to function correctly. On trucks the same applies for braking systems. The same situation applies here as for a trailer EBS ECU – basically, any replacement part must be reprogrammed.

“The good independent distributor can offer a wide range of multi vehicle make diagnostic services. In many cases this service is provided by a mobile technician, who can come on site. What this does is eliminate the need to book the vehicle into a main dealer, get the vehicle to the dealers and then wait whilst the service is completed.”

On the more recent vehicles from around 2006/7 the electronic air dryer, also needs to be reprogrammed on replacement.

The major OE parts manufacturers have comprehensive distribution networks throughout the UK. There is a network of independent commercial vehicle and trailer parts distributors across the UK who are designated stockists of the OE parts and can also offer a wide range of diagnostic services. These companies are truck (allmakes) and trailer part specialists and quality distributors will be able to provide a full diagnostic service to their fleet operators either via their own trained personnel or in conjunction with specialist service centres.

This means that fleets do not have to go to the Vehicle Main dealers for parts and diagnostic requirements where, quite often, the parts prices are significantly more expensive and the diagnostic services, time consuming.

Quality suppliers all provide training modules to ensure compliance to the standards required to perform diagnostic services.

The independent parts distributor will supply parts in the prime OE parts manufacturers’ packaging so the fleet operator knows exactly what is being supplied and has full traceability and warranty back up; parts are not supplied in ‘own brand’ packaging.

This, together with a comprehensive diagnostic service, demonstrates the independent distributor sector’s ability to support the fleet operator in a time and cost efficient manner.

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