OE Clutch Supplier Embraces TecDoc

Among the many things that set TecDoc, Europe’s leading parts information data provider apart, is the fact that its CATALOG electronic parts catalogue holds comprehensive data for both the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors in a single resource.

As a result, licence holders have dual access to the information that the system makes available, which increases the reach into the independent repair sector for the brands that partner with TecDoc and become official data suppliers.

In the CV sector the latest addition to the growing list of suppliers is Setco Automotive with its LIPE clutch brand, which is an OEM supplier to ACMAT, BMC, GAZ, MAN, PACCAR and SISU and an OES supplier to DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes and VOLVO.

“Although we are a big OE supplier and an established name in the UK aftermarket”, explained Setco’s Mike Coote, “we are new to the aftermarket in Europe and so TecDoc is instrumental to our development plan for this market as well as to continue to grow our share of the home market.

“If you want to be taken seriously in the aftermarket these days, you have to be on TecDoc, which is why we were working frantically with the TecDoc team over the first quarter to ensure we’d have our parts data live and ready for April 2012.

“Although the process of formatting the data was time consuming, it was also very useful because it allowed us to cross-reference our part numbers with an accurate pool of data and identify clutches we had in the existing range that would fit other applications, which extremely efficiently increased the size of our vehicle coverage.

“By becoming a TecDoc data supplier we are now available to approximately 800,000 users. Just imagine the cost of reaching that number of potential customers through advertising; it would be completely out of the question! In addition, as a data supplier we automatically have credibility with potential distributors because to be represented on TecDoc, you have to be a serious player.”

Welcoming Setco on-board, TecDoc’s Shaun Greasley said: “LIPE is a widely recognised brand with an OE pedigree, which is fully in keeping with the reputation for quality parts availability that TecDoc is known for and CATALOG users in every market are sure to benefit from their addition.

“The fact that TecDoc users have access to both passenger car and commercial vehicle parts data and because the data is not reliant on their central IT system, but is able to run alongside it, are seen as clear benefits to users who find the combination of accurate parts identification and quality suppliers invaluable to their businesses.

“A standard CATALOG user licence costs just 30 pence a day, yet can dramatically increase the efficiency of a business. Allied to this substantial benefit, it is also possible to add extra functionality to allow users to access even more information. These include OE Pricing, which means that users can view the typical franchised dealer price of a selected part and VRM, which provides individual vehicle identification solely from its registration number.”

For more information about TecDoc, please contact Shaun Greasley on: +44 (0) 1829 752888 or email:


Notes for editors

TecDoc CATALOG, the trading name of its electronic parts catalogue information, provides a multi-brand parts solution to the vehicle service industry and at present, more than 400 replacement parts brands are represented on the TecDoc data system. Available online and via DVD, the catalogue lists over three million part numbers in 28 languages and provides more than 1.6 million supporting illustrations. This covers more than 45,000 car and in excess of 36,000 CV applications and TecDoc is compatible with all computer systems and software.

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