awarded for accurate currency exchange forecasts, a part of the Conotoxia Holding Group, achieved second place twice and third place in the Bloomberg world ranking. The company’s analysts aptly predicted the exchange rates of currency pairs for the second quarter of 2018. provides a number of financial services related to currency exchange. Its activities are based on thorough knowledge and comprehensive analysis of economic data.

The results of the latest Bloomberg ranking, the world's leading information agency for financial markets, once again confirms the accuracy of the forecasts prepared by analysts. They were up against some of the biggest global financial institutions.

In the summary for the second quarter of this year, was awarded second for accurate forecasts for the Latin American currency group and for the euro - Romanian leu (EUR/RON) pair. It was placed third in the ranking for the currency pair US dollar - Swedish krona (USD/SEK). forecasts were also at the forefront for the following pairs: dollar - ruble (4th place), euro - forint (5th place), Canadian dollar - American dollar (6th place) and euro - Polish zloty (7th place).

“Currency exchange rates depend on a wide range of factors. Strong changes can be triggered by important macroeconomic data. The FX valuations are also shaped by political or geopolitical events. The forecasting of foreign currency requires appropriate weighting of all these factors. It is a complex process, so we are all the more pleased with the results,” comments Marcin Lipka, Senior Analyst at


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Cinkciarz is a repeat winner of the global Bloomberg Rankings. The currency exchange company was named Player of the Year 2016 by Forbes magazine. The CEO of Cinkciarz, Marcin Pioro, was awarded Best Manager 2015 by Bloomberg Businessweek Poland. Reuters described the company as dominant in the Polish currency exchange market. The event that gathered the most attention from the media was the signing of the sponsorship contract with the NBA team, the Chicago Bulls.