Cinkciarz ranked #1 recommended fintech brand in Poland

The Polish brand once again leads the pack according to influential Rzeczpospolita Newspaper, a daily economic and legal publication. Cinkciarz, a part of the Conotoxia Holding Group, took top positions in the 14th edition of Rzeczpospolita’s Most Valuable Polish Brands Ranking. 

Cinkciarz, an online financial services platform, was the highest ranked fintech industry brand in 2017 from the popular newspaper. Additionally, this innovative company was also celebrated as the fourth most recommended Polish brand by the publication.

Vital benchmarks to the ranking not only include the monetary value of the evaluated brands, but also their quality, customer loyalty and prestige. Another important factor taken into consideration by Rzeczpospolita experts is the rate at which customers recommend the company to others.

Cinkciarz provides currency exchange services as part of the Conotoxia Holding Group in Poland. The impressive growth of this company is a result of consistent project development and dedication to the fintech industry.


Emily Miller

PR Coordinator


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Cinkciarz is a repeat winner of the global Bloomberg Rankings. The currency exchange company was named Player of the Year 2016 by Forbes magazine. The CEO of Cinkciarz, Marcin Pioro, was awarded Best Manager 2015 by Bloomberg Businessweek Poland. Reuters described the company as dominant in the Polish currency exchange market. The event that gathered the most attention from the media was the signing of the sponsorship contract with the NBA team, the Chicago Bulls.


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