Eight new American licenses from Cinkciarz subsidiary

Conotoxia, Inc. is progressing towards the stateside launch of its business activities with licensing from eight additional states. The Company is now permitted to provide services to a total of 22 states in the US.

Conotoxia, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Cinkciarz corporate group. The company has recently been granted new regulatory authorization to conduct payment transfer services in the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Maine and Oklahoma.

The acquisition of the new licenses is in line with the company’s goal of conducting services across the US - from coast to coast. The company has already been authorized to transact business in the states of Missouri, Florida, New Mexico, South Dakota, Alabama, Montana, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Indiana, Arizona, Delaware, Wisconsin and Kansas.

Kalina Stawiarz

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Cinkciarz allows its customers to exchange foreign currencies using leading edge technology alongside extremely attractive conversion rates and transfer fees. The services of Cinkciarz are used by individuals as well as businesses and transactions can be executed at any time with the use of express and free online transfers. Conotoxia will be offering the same transparency, strength and innovation critical to the global money transfer and payment services industry.


About Us

Cinkciarz is a repeat winner of the global Bloomberg Rankings. The currency exchange company was named Player of the Year 2016 by Forbes magazine. The CEO of Cinkciarz, Marcin Pioro, was awarded Best Manager 2015 by Bloomberg Businessweek Poland. Reuters described the company as dominant in the Polish currency exchange market. The event that gathered the most attention from the media was the signing of the sponsorship contract with the NBA team, the Chicago Bulls.