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People have busy lives. Sometimes you can only find time to read while you are commuting to work or taking the kids to soccer practice. Now Viva Editions offers you another way to improve your life with the addition of four of our bestsellers to our list of audio books.

Apocaylpse Not: Everything You Know about 2012, Nostradomus and the Rapture is Wrong by John Michael Greer, and narrated by Bill Andrew Quinn, is a survey of three millennia of apocalyptic prophecies and the failed dreams and nightmares that have clustered around them.  It challenges the entire body of contemporary apocalyptic belief, religious and secular, and traces today’s apocalyptic belief systems back across history. You can listen to the audio book here.

The Fatigue Prescription: Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health and Life by Linda Hawes Clever, and narrated by Traci Odom, will engage you in finding your own remedies to your “over-whelm” and “under-joy.” It helps you track the critical choices you make every day that lead to fatigue and gives tangible advice on how to alter those ingrained habits. You can listen to the audio book here.

 It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been by BJ Gallagher, and narrated by Karen Commins, is a guidebook to getting the life you always wanted. Gallagher gives personal examples through interviews with people who have achieved their dreams with specific tips for readers to take away. Inspirational quotes seamlessly tie famous people’s wisdom with your neighbors’ wisdom, leaving the reader with feelings of support and a can-do attitude. You can listen to the audio book here.

 Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas by Allen Klein, and narrated by Marlin May, is full of uplifting and inspirational quotes that will change your life if you take them to heart. Kipling once said that words are "the most powerful drug used by mankind." May the words in this book be the prescription you have been looking for to revise your life. You can read the audio book here.


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Cleis Press publishes provocative, intelligent books in the areas of sexuality, LGBT studies, erotica, fiction, and human rights. Viva Editions are books that inform, enlighten, and entertain. While Viva Editions is a line of books that are as fun as they are informational, the intention behind Viva is very serious—these are books that are truly helpful and intended to enhance people's lives.




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