CLS imILT® treatment of pancreatic cancer shows positive trend regarding survival

Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB (publ) announces that, within the scope of its ongoing clinical studies regarding imILT® treatment of pancreatic cancer, a positive trend with an average time of survival of twelve months for the treated patients is noted. This data stands well compared to published results for locally advanced, unresectable pancreatic cancer, which shows a median time of survival significantly under one year – in some reports nine months 1).

CLS’ ongoing clinical studies regarding the company’s immunostimulating  laserthermotherapy, imILT, include, among other, two studies on efficacy of imILT treatment of pancreatic cancer stage III, meaning unresectable tumor localized in pancreas without detected metastases. In these two studies a total of eight patients have been treated, whereof the most recent only a few weeks ago and is consequently not included in the analysis.

–  Since the studies are still ongoing the only data that really can be analyzed is the data on survival, said Mats Ekelund, Chief Medical Officer at CLS. An analysis of the first treated seven patients shows however an interesting positive trend, with an average survival time of more than twelve months, for the time being. No serious side effects have appeared, which is positive taken into account that the pancreas is located close to very sensitive structures, such as large vessels and bowel, said Mats Ekelund.  

– The treatment with the TRANBERG-system has been carried out according to the study protocol. The studies are, as stated, still ongoing and it will be interestig to follow the development as we gradually get a larger material to analyse, said Lars-Erik Eriksson, CEO at CLS.  

No serious side effects occured. Two cases of effect on bowel and/or bile duct/ pancreatic duct have been detected. Two of the the treated patients unfortunately died about 15 months after the treatment, the remaining patients are alive. No patient has died as a consequence of the treatment or of any complications.  

1) Ansari D, Bauden M, Bergström S, Rylance R, Marko-Varga G, Andersson R. Relationship between tumour size and outcome in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Br J Surg. 2017 Apr;104(5):600-607.

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