Cancel the obit: The PC isn’t dead

The humble personal computer, despite declining sales and the rise of tablets, is still the main option for home computing, according to a poll.

Broadband comparison website Compare Broadband asked site visitors ‘Would you replace your PC with an iPad or another tablet?' 80% of the 277 respondents said no.

Adam Wajnberg, spokesperson for Compare Broadband, said: "At Compare Broadband, we come across a number of new tablet buyers (or people who have received them as gifts). While most people are keen to use them to browse the web, answer emails and watch YouTube videos, they’re not ready to ditch the mouse and keyboard just yet.

"The main misconception over tablets is the idea that they’re strictly a mobile option. Many new tablet owners already have a fixed line connection to the internet, and don’t realize that they can already wirelessly connect their tablet, in the home, via Wi-Fi."

Australian IT analysts Telsyte released tablet sales data earlier this year, reporting 2.6 million Australians have already purchased a tablet, with 11 million projected through 2016.

Meanwhile, Dell, HP and Intel, makers of PCs and components, have all posted flat or losing quarters this year. Apple has reported flat or only very slight increases in the sales of iMac desktop computers.

Nevertheless, the option of integrated 3G data makes iPads and many other tablets a mobile consumption device first and foremost, and not a replacement for a PC.

Unlike PCs, tablets are available to buy on a 24-month contract plan option, when coupled with a monthly data plan. This option further cements their status as, essentially, big mobiles without the phone.

Tips for new tablet buyers

  • A Bluetooth keyboard is a good investment if you are looking to at least replace your laptop with a tablet. Many Android tablets are also compatible with a Bluetooth mouse; the iPad is not
  • Buying a tablet on a plan makes the high cost a little easier to deal with, but the cost over 24 months will still be vastly more expensive. Consider first whether you actually need data outside the house, and also consider older models which may be cheaper outright
  • Many smartphones have the option to ‘tether’ your existing 3G data connection on your phone, allowing the phone to act as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Check with your provider if tethering is offered at no extra charge
  • Call Compare Broadband on 1300 764 000 to see which providers offer tablets on contracts, or to check what SIM-only plans are available in your area


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Would you replace your PC with an iPad or another tablet? Yes, I don't need a desktop or laptop now I have a tablet, 18% (49 votes). No, 80% (223 votes). Other, 2% (5 votes). Total Votes: 277
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