CompareCards Helps Consumers Find A Perfect Balance With Debt-to-Credit Ratio

“Credit Utilization: Recipe for a Perfect Balance” explains how to effectively manage your available credit

Today CompareCards, a credit card comparison website, published their most recent infographic, “Credit Utilization: Recipe for a Perfect Balance.” The infographic helps consumers better understand the importance of credit utilization.

Credit utilization is the percentage of available credit being used. There is a strong correlation between a consumer’s credit score and their credit utilization ratio that proves, the lower the utilization, the higher their credit score.

“When managing your debt, it’s best to use no more than 30 percent of the credit you have available,” said Chris Mettler. “The 30 percent rule applies to the total amount of outstanding debt, in addition to each individual line of credit because FICO calculates your utilization for the combined utilization and on each account.”

“Credit Utilization: Recipe for a Perfect Balance” presents the information in a visual manner that shows readers the perfect recipe for obtaining a good utilization rate and provides examples for a better understanding. The infographic concludes with tips on how to improve your overall credit score.  It is important to note that while credit utilization isn’t the only component that makes up your credit score, it plays an important role to a lender when evaluating your credit risk.

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