What is Quercus Furniture?

Who designed it?

Dean Robbins, the founder of Pinetum, now owner of Con-tempo Furniture designed the Quercus range in 2001 and the design has evolved over the years. 

When was it designed and why?

Dean Robbins designed the Quercus range for Pinetum back in 2001 after deciding to take the big step on from pine furniture. The rest of the country was still busy producing pine furniture but Dean pushed Pinetum off in a risky new direction. The Quercus range was launched in 2001 at the NEC furniture show, the reaction of the trade was phenomenal! The new direction manufacturing oak furniture was a massive success. The Quercus range grew year by year and in its finest years the range was selling over 1000 unit a week! The range started off in the bedroom and then the following year Quercus dining was born.

What inspired the Quercus design?

The design of the Quercus range is clean and simple. Dean loves to design simple, well-proportioned furniture that will last a lifetime! The Quercus designs are very simple; straight lines and clean edges! Proportions are everything Dean will spend weeks and weeks adjusting and looking at concepts. All Quercus pieces are based on a design that over 10 years has evolved.

“We design everything by hand, not computer. We feel there is much more emotion put into a design this way. We design with our hearts and make a beautiful natural product work in harmony with our designs” says Dean Robbins.

What oak is the Quercus range is made from?

White Oak is used which gives a clean natural appearance 

Where is the oak sourced?

We use European white oak

What finishes you can have?

The Quercus range comes in a choice of both oil and lacquer finishes, both finishes maximise the oaks natural appearance and protects the natural product. In 2008 we launched contemporary coloured oak stains, which add a whole new dimension to the look of the Quercus range.

How should you care for it?

Just use quality household furniture polish just protect against direct heat.  A hot cup would be fine but anything hotter may cause damage to the protective Oils or Lacquer. We simply want you to enjoy owning a piece of Quercus furniture as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Who manufactures the Quercus range today?

Dean Robbins designed all the furniture for Pinetum for over 20 years and owns the design rights to his entire library of award winning designs. When he set up a manufacturing plant to supply his retail stores, Con-tempo Furniture, he chose to continue with his flagship range Quercus as demand was still so high! Con-tempo furniture is the only manufacturer who can produce the solid oak Quercus range based on the original designs from Dean himself! 

Con-tempo’s team has over 25 years experience of furniture design and manufacture and are constantly coming up with new designs to keep ahead of the market!

Contact Cat Mayo:

Con-tempo Furniture Warminster: Roman Way, Crusader Park, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 8SP
T. 01985 213 222 | F. 01985 211 333 | E. cat@con-tempo.com
 | www.con-tempofurniture.co.uk

We design and manufacture all our own furniture in the UK, to order. We also offer a made-to-measure service. Our in-house design team work in synergy, designing the highest quality furniture ranges for our retail store. They also work alongside large retail chains designing exclusive ranges.

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Quick facts

The original Quercus Furniture designed by Dean Robbins
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The company’s ethos is to design and create innovative furniture that stands out from the imported crowd, therefore having to constantly produce fresh new designs in order to stay a step ahead of the competition, a position that everyone within the company relishes wholeheartedly.
Dean Robbins