Dramatic increase in volumes of goods at the port of Malmö

Copenhagen Malmö Port's (CMP) volumes in Malmö increased by 12% in 2012 to 8.8 million tonnes. The dramatic increase is on account of positive growth in vehicle imports, ferry traffic to Germany and oil storage.

During the year, CMP handled 9% more new vehicles than in 2011 – a total of 457,000 vehicles. HGV traffic from the Travemünde ferries increased by 7% to 227,000 vehicles. Transit storage of oil products grew by just over half a million tonnes.

The number of cruise passengers increased by 3% to 840,000 in Copenhagen, which is the biggest cruise port in the Nordic region.

CMP's total port activities increased last year to 14.1 million tonnes (13.7 million in 2011), i.e. in total for activities in both Sweden and Denmark.

"This is a very gratifying production result, considering the prevailing economic situation," says Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP.

CMP currently sees no known structural reductions in the future.

"The market situation can always change, but there is a well-established interest in CMP's activities. We can now also see that the initiatives in Norra hamnen in Malmö are beginning to produce results. Volumes are increasing in several different areas, primarily in the building materials, recycling and energy sectors. In 2013, several major bulk customers will move to Norra hamnen," says Johan Röstin.

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