Crown Energy announces CPR for the business area Energy

Crown Energy AB (publ) ("Crown Energy" or the "Company") today publishes a report containing information about the company's assets within the business area Energy. The report has been prepared and reviewed by an independent qualified person (Competent Persons Report, “CPR”) regarding the company's upcoming prospectus relating to the listing of the C shares that is converted into ordinary shares.

Crown Energy's oil assets are relatively unchanged since the company's most recent CPR in July 2016.

The report will be available at the Crown Energy's website

This report is prepared in conjunction with the company's upcoming prospectus, relating to the listing of the shares being issued. C shares are converted into ordinary shares in the Company’s as previously announced relating to the private placement toward the acquisition of ESI Group S.A. The prospectus is currently being reviewed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Swe. Finansinspektionen) and will be published as soon as possible after their approval. The assessment is that an approval should be obtained at the earliest by the end of next week.


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