Proposals from the Nomination Committee to the Annual General Meeting in Cxense ASA

The full proposal is enclosed with this notice.

Remuneration to the Board members:

The annual Board remuneration is NOK 225,000 per Board member for the period from the date of the 2016 Annual General Meeting until the date of the 2017 Annual General Meeting. The Chairman of the Board receives an additional amount of NOK 75,000, and the members of the Audit Committee will receive an additional amount of NOK 25,000.

In addition, the Company will refund relevant expenses that the members of the Board may have incurred in connection with the exercise of board functions.

Election of Board members:

The Nomination Committee proposes that number of Board members remains unchanged and that the following Board is elected:

Mr. Lars Bjørn Thoresen (Chairman of the Board - new), Mr. David Rowe, and Ms. Tanya Cordrey (new),  Ms. Liza Benson (new) and Mr. Henning Hansen (new).

The Nomination Committee emphasizes that the composition of Board members should be subject to evaluation each year, regardless of the election periods.

Remuneration to the Nomination Committee:

Remuneration to the Nomination Committee’s members is proposed to be NOK 25,000 for the Chairman of the committee and NOK 15,000 for each of the other members for the period from the 2016 Annual General Meeting to the 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Composition of the Nomination Committee:

Mr. Lars Christian Tvedt (New - Chairman of the Nomination Committee), Mr. Davor Sutija and Mr. Ola Snøve (new). The proposed term is one year for all members.

8 May 2017

Cxense ASA

For further information, please contact:

Ståle Bjørnstad, CEO Cxense, +47 991 67 672

Jørgen Loeng, CFO Cxense, +47 906 60 062