US media company Fusion Media Group signs agreement for Cxense software

Oslo, Norway – 20 December 2017 – Cxense ASA (OSE: CXENSE) today announced that Fusion Media Group (FMG) has signed an agreement with Cxense for use of data management and personalization software including the Cxense Conversion Engine.  

FMG provides fearless journalism, thought provoking comedy and engaging storytelling that connects with its young, diverse audience, those who are shaping the future. FMG’s digital brands include: The Onion, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Deadspin, Lifehacker, Kotaku, among others.  

FMG will use Cxense’s solutions to increase user engagement and content consumption across its sites by delivering personalized content and recommendations in real-time. Cxense software will also provide FMG the ability to enable dynamic paywalls for several of its properties while driving subscriber conversions and other marketing initiatives. Overall FMG will utilize Cxense´s personalized user journey capabilities to improve customer acquisition, engagement and retention resulting in increased revenues. Cxense DMP is used to power the personalized user journey and cross business unification of data. 

About Fusion Media Group: 

Fusion Media Group (FMG) is a media company that connects with the young, diverse audiences that are shaping our future. Through fearless journalism, provoking comedy, and high-impact storytelling FMG elevates the stories and issues readers and viewers are passionate about. FMG is one of the leading digital publishers in the U.S., serving over 100 million readers a month—more than one-third of all Americans. FMG includes some of the web’s most beloved media brands under one roof, including The A.V. Club, Clickhole, Deadspin, Earther, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku, Lifehacker, The Onion, The Root, Splinter, The Takeout, and others. In addition, FMG produces content across a range of formats and platforms through the FUSION cable network and its long-form development and production studios, Story House Entertainment and Onion Studios. More at

About Cxense:
Cxense helps publishers and marketers across the globe to transform their raw data into their most valuable resource. Cxense's leading Data Management Platform (DMP) with Intelligent Personalization, give companies unprecedented insight about their individual customers, and enables them to action this insight real-time in all marketing and sales channels. Benefits include increasing digital revenue and user loyalty. Cxense works with brands such as Aeon, Wall Street Journal, Grupo Clarin, NBC Universal, Aller and many more. Cxense is headquartered in Norway with offices worldwide and the company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker 'CXENSE.' For more information: 

Investor Relations Contact:
Jørgen Loeng, Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: +47 906 60 062