Inauguration of North Europe’s Most Modern Aquarium

The Blue Planet will be officially inaugurated on March 21
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Tomorrow, when The Blue Planet is inaugurated, Denmark will have North Europe’s largest and most modern aquarium. Furthermore, Denmark has got an aquarium with a unique architecture, which is not to be seen anywhere else the world.

“It has been fascinating to be part of this process. For more than 600 million DKK we have been able to construct a unique building, where architecture and technical demands have challenged our fantasy and abilities to the extreme. Contributions from Australia and many countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and South America, have added substantially to the uniqueness of the concept. But the architecture and majority of persons who have transformed the vision into reality are Danish. This we should all be proud of. The fact that the building is completed in time and within the planned budget is due to a brilliant effort of talented employees which at all levels have managed the construction process. Furthermore, we have been financed by sponsors and financial partners who from the very start have understood our needs,” says Bent Frank, who since the establishment of the Fund has been Chairman of Bygningsfonden Den Blå Planet.

Main sponsors of The Blue Planet are Realdania, Knud Højgaards Fond, Tårnby Municipality and Dronning Margrethes og Prins Henriks Fond.

Flemming Borreskov, Managing Director of The Blue Planet, says:
“The Blue Planet has turned into the exceptional attraction we all dreamed about. A spectacular and modern cultural institution and a world class aquarium that appeals to many. It is a building of international dimensions - an architectural and engineering lighthouse.”

Kim Herforth Nielsen, Creative Director, 3XN, who is the architect of the building says:
“Our wish was to bring our visitors all the way down to the world of the fish. Therefore, the design of The Blue Planet is based on the story about water and life under the sea. We visualise the construction as a whirlpool which draws visitors into the depths to the fascinating experiences waiting among fish and sea animals from all over the world.”

Henrik Zimino, Mayor of Tårnby Municipality is very pleased that Tårnby Municipality can now add an attraction of exceptional class.
“The Blue Planet, Denmark’s Aquarium is a cultural attraction which is not only a great asset for the citizens of the municipality but will also reach far beyond Tårnby and attract visitors from far and near”, says Henrik Zimino.

Chairman of Denmark’s Aquarium, Professor Flemming Frandsen, is looking forward to The Blue Planet as a centre for new experiences in the Øresund region.
“Our ambition is to welcome 700,000 guests each year, thus being one of Denmark’s five largest tourist attractions. Now, we have an aquarium, which compares to the world elite of aquariums and that brings us close to the biology of the sea and strengthens our interest in natural science”, says Flemming Frandsen.

The Blue Planet will be officially inaugurated on March 21 by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Consort. The following day, March 22 at 10 am, The Blue Planet will open for the public. Due to the great interest expected at the inauguration, the management of the aquarium recommends that visitors travel by Metro to Kastrup Station.

Please contact Bent Frank, Chairman of Bygningsfonden Den Blå Planet, phone +45 21 69 95 93 for further information.
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Attached is a fact sheet with additional information about The Blue Planet.  

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