Dansensor, the leading specialist in gas sensor technology, has launched a new state-of-the-art analyser for testing the composition of pressurised gas mixtures.

MAP Check 3 Pressure is a compact analyser that continuously measures carbon dioxide and/or oxygen in pressurised gas mixtures that are being delivered directly from a gas mixer, buffer tank or any other pressurised source.

MAP Check 3 Pressure is ideal therefore for any situation where it is necessary to know the oxygen and/or CO2content of a pressurised mixture. Examples might include argon/CO2mixtures for shielding gases in welding applications, or residual oxygen content in a nitrogen stream coming from a nitrogen generator.

MAP Check 3 Pressure features a user-friendly 5" colour touch screen for setting parameters and controlling the device. It has excellent data logging capabilities, with USB and ethernet ports.

MAP Check 3 Pressure connects seamlessly to Dansensor’s MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer, providing a high degree of quality control over the gas mixture. If the level of CO2or oxygen comes close to its pre-selected limits, MAP Check 3 Pressure will warn the operator. If the limits are exceeded, it will shut the process down, preventing the incorrect mixture from causing potential cost-incurring problems further down the line.

Karsten Kejlhof, Sales & Marketing Director
Dansensor A/S
Tel.: 45 57 66 00 88
Direct: 45 57 66 77 92


Dansensor is a worldwide supplier of high-quality gas instrumentation and quality control equipment. We have more than 25 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing gas analysers, gas mixers, automated gas purging systems and leak detectors. Combining a broad range of experience from practical applications with modern technologies, our products offer a wide range of competitive advantages. This contributes to ensuring that the customer’s end products are of the highest possible quality.

About Us

Dansensor is a Danish manufacturer of quality control and assurance equipment for the food industry. Dansensor has more than 25 years of experience with quality control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging, we hence dare to call ourselves “Experts in Modified Atmosphere Packaging”. Dansensor employees 110 people worldwide, 60 in the headquarters in Ringsted, Denmark and the remaining in 4 fully owned subsidiaries in Spain, Germany, France and Italy.




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