Datacard Group Announces New Secure Indent Module for Government Card and Credential Programs

The Datacard® MX Series Secure Indent Module delivers high-quality indent printing that adds tactile elements to national IDs, driver’s licenses and other ID cards.

Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, today announced a new Datacard®MX Series Secure Indent Module that is engineered to provide added security elements for cards and credentials in government applications such as national IDs, driver’s licenses and other ID cards.


Designed to work inline with the Datacard MX Series card issuance systems, the new Secure Indent Module provides variable and tactile elements that physically alter the card adding Security at Time Of Personalization™ – helping with tamper resistance and deterring fraud, alteration and counterfeiting.


The Secure Indent Module can be used with numerous card types, as well as various card overlays or protective coatings. Secure tactile features include a wide variety of alpha numeric and custom characters, and the ability to indent vertically or horizontally on the front, back or both sides of the card. As a cost-effective solution, the new module is also offered in several scalable configurations to meet a wide range of performance requirements. 


“By adding various tactile features to cards and credentials during the personalization process, issuers can help fight fraud and increase the security of their cards, which is what all government agencies want to do,” said Dino Balafas, vice president central issuance product management for Datacard Group.  “Traditionally, indenting has been primarily used in the financial space, but there is a great opportunity for government organizations to capitalize on this technology as well – as it is a low cost solution that is secure, simple, but very effective, and easily implemented.”


The Secure Indent Module developed by Datacard Group will be added to the wide variety of modules that organizations can choose from when they implement a Datacard MX Series card issuance system.  A modular system gives issuers flexible technology choices as they build their card operations – they are able to simply start with the modules and personalization technologies to service their needs today, and then add capacity or capabilities as their needs expand or system requirements change in the future.  


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Datacard Group empowers financial institutions, government agencies and other enterprises in more than 150 countries to securely issue and personalize financial cards, passports, national IDs, employee badges, mobile payment applications and other credentials. Our flexible solutions enable Secure Issuance Anywhere™, which helps both public and private enterprises succeed in a global, digital and increasingly connected marketplace. Datacard is the world's best-selling brand of secure issuance solutions.



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New Secure Indent Module Ideal for Government Applications
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Helps with Tamper Resistance and Fraud
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