Successful Development of Flame Retardant - Fire Approval for Tenting Material

DEFLAMO has developed a method of treatment for tenting material so that it meets the requirements stipulated for the standard for fire and weather protection. The treated tenting material has been evaluated and approved by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. The treatment can be applied to woven cotton used in the manufacturing of large and small tents, awnings, and boat covers etc.

On request of a customer, DEFLAMO has developed a method of treatment for tents that fulfils the fire requirements specified for tents. The fire requirements were met even after the tent had been impregnated in order to be made water and dirt resistant. After treatment with Apyrum®, the customer is able to receive certified approval for use of the tent for large gatherings of up to 900 people.

The central issues involved in the development work were to find a feasible method that would work in re-treating a used tent and finding the right combination of flame retardant and impregnation agent that would work well in symbiosis with one another. A consequence of impregnating agents that have achieved having water resistant properties is that they are often quite flammable, thereby having a negative effect any flame retardant function. After having carried out a series of trials and evaluations with many different types of impregnating agents, DEFLAMO has been successful in adapting a method that has resulted in having the woven cotton fabric attain the fire standard SIS650082. The cotton weave meets the requirements for what one in conventional terms describes as “ a flame retarded material”.

The method can be applied to all woven cotton that is similar to canvas and which might be used for tents, draperies, room dividers, awnings, and boat covers etc.

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Fire kills thousands of people. To avoid this, flame retardant chemicals are added to different types of materials and products that we use everyday. The problem is that those flame retardants used most extensively are so toxic that they also kill people, although in a different way. Brominated chemicals, which are the basis of most of the flame retardants used today, are both toxic and persistent; these chemicals will have a negative impact on life and nature for a long time to come. DEFLAMO offers a safe alternative. The company's product Apyrum® is a flame retardant with a truly unique environmental profile with the potential to replace dangerous flame retardant chemicals throughout the world. The technology is called Apyrum® , and the Company is called DEFLAMO.


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