New book chronicles holistic healer’s life-changing encounter with Mumbai terrorists


Soul Survivor” by Rüdrani Devi takes readers inside the 2008 attacks in Mumbai and recounts the author’s grueling road to recovery


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – “Soul Survivor” (ISBN 0983460000) by American educator and holistic healer Rüdrani Devi shares the story of the author’s experience at the hands of terrorists and her subsequent battle to rebuild her life and broken body.

Traveling in India for a meditation retreat in 2008, Rüdrani Devi never imagined that her once-in-a-lifetime journey would end in terror and tragedy. Devi was sitting in a cafe in Mumbai when terrorists burst through the doors and opened fire. The American-born holistic health practitioner was shot at point-blank range in the right arm and right leg and left to die among the other victims. Determined to survive, Devi hung on until an emergency medical team reached her and transported her to a hospital. After more than two years of painful rehab, she is now training to run in her 10th Boston Marathon in April 2011.

“I learned first-hand how connected we really are to Spirit,” Devi says. “There is something about an experience that literally shakes you from your core that affords you the luxury of knowing how close you really are to your higher-self, to love, to god/goddess, basically to the universe. Oddly and joyfully, the most horrific experience of my life has brought me to the most connected outcome.”

Intended to educate and inspire, the book includes intimate glimpses of her own history, both before and after her time in the headlines, throughout the comprehensive retelling of a trip to India that went terribly wrong. She reveals buried pains from childhood that lent to the complexities of a fragile marriage as well as the dissolution of deep friendships that seemingly fell away after the attack as did her identity within a community that no longer served her.

“Soul Survivor” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author

Rüdrani Devi is a writer, educator and self-described Shaman descended from generations of gifted women within her family lineage. Considered a medical intuitive in the holistic healing community, she studied and became a certified vibrational healer in Life Alignment Technique through the National Institute of Health in Boulder Colorado in 2004. Devi is a certified Meditation and Conscious Living teacher and conducts remote sessions for intuitive consultations and vibrational healing. She is the founder and owner of The Devi Clinic, Devi Essentials, Inc. and Devi Publishing House.

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