Diaverum increases its clinic network with major acquisition of the Alte Teichweg clinics in Hamburg, Germany

Munich, 04 April — Diaverum, one of the world’s leading, product-independent renal care providers, has announced the major acquisition of the four clinics that make up the Alte Teichweg centre in Hamburg, Germany. This purchase will increase Diaverum’s presence in Germany to 21 clinics.

The acquisition of Alte Teichweg is a tremendous achievement, says Diaverum CEO Dag Andersson. “It is a boost to our growth ambitions and, more importantly, with the acquisition now secured the patients of Alte Teichweg will have access to even higher standards of care and medical outcomes leading to an improved quality of life — our mission in Diaverum,” says Dag Andersson.

The approval for the acquisition of the clinics, founded in 1973, was granted in January by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and came into effect on 1 April 2013. Going forward Diaverum’s ambition is to further develop this cluster of clinics — the largest, privately held renal care facility in Germany which treats several hundred haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients as well as thousands of outpatients — into a centre of true integrated renal patient care.

The patients in Hamburg will continue to be cared for by the same doctors and medical personnel as before. Dr Sebastian Grosser, a physician at Alte Teichweg, looks forward to the future cooperation with Diaverum. “The decision for Diaverum was based on the desire to find a strong, quality-oriented partner,” says Dr Grosser.

Diaverum clinics offer an integrated and holistic approach to renal patient care which includes the prevention and early diagnosis of renal disease, and the full range of dialysis care and treatment of co-morbidities. Diaverum’s mission is to improve the quality of life for renal patients and places focus on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in its clinics — propositions which are consistent with and important to the physicians at Alte Teichweg, according to Dr Grosser. “Our concern is the well-being of our patients. The patient is in the centre of our approach to care and for this reason Diaverum is a very suitable partner.”

Managing Director for Diaverum Germany, Martin von Hummel, says that Diaverum will continue the excellent work of the Alte Teichweg doctors with great passion. “We are conscious of the responsibility and the trust placed in us by our new colleagues in Hamburg. I am convinced that our quality-oriented processes are an indispensable part of a modern medical service provider. We are ready for the challenges ahead and we will be able to benefit from the synergies from Diaverum’s worldwide dialysis network.”

Dr Susanne Hoischen, Diaverum’s Senior Medical Director, welcomes the eleven highly experienced colleagues to the Diaverum community: “For 40 years, the dedicated staff at Alte Teichweg have provided hundreds of patients with holistic renal care of the highest quality.”

Diaverum supports its more than 7,100 employees in 18 countries with certified training and development programmes — in particular the EDTNA-accredited Competence in Practice programme. A sharp focus on quality management lies at the centre of Diaverum’s medical provision. Strict policies and procedures guide Diaverum’s efficient operations while the company continues to invest in areas of scientific and medical research with the goal of improving the patient’s quality of life.

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At Diaverum, our mission is to improve the quality of life for renal patients by revitalising them both physically and emotionally. Being one of the world’s leading renal care providers, Diaverum offers a holistic approach, from preventive and early stage renal care to all renal replacement therapies. As a product independent provider — the largest in Europe — we are able to focus solely on caring for the individual needs of our patients. Our experience in renal care dates back 20 years, when the first dialysis clinic was established, previously under our former name Gambro Healthcare. Today, 7,100 employees care for almost 22,000 patients in 18 countries in Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Australia. The corporate office of Diaverum is located in Munich, Germany; the head office is in Lund, Sweden. For more information visit: www.diaverum.com.


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