DIBS makes it easy for travelers in Denmark to buy tickets on the go

DSB, the Danish state-owned railway company, launches a user-friendly app for travel information and ticket sales based on DIBS solution for mobile payments. The app is called MobilBilletter Hovedstaden and is developed in cooperation with DSB S-trains, DSB, Movia, Metro and Rail Authority/ DSB Öresund.

DSB's new app MobilBilletter Hovedstaden makes it quick and simple to buy tickets through a smartphone. The app is designed for maximum usability. The traveler adds his or hers credit card information once and can thereafter easily buy tickets.

DIBS provides the mobile payment window that has been customized for DSB. DIBS also manages users' credit card information with the same security as for DIBS other payment options.

“MobilBilletter Hovedstaden is fast and easy to use. We have worked with DIBS to ensure that the payment is as customer friendly as possible, since our studies show that users drop out if it is too difficult to make the payment. Compared to the old SMS tickets MobilBilletter Hovedstaden is a significant improvement, simply because it is a more modern solution that requires less of the user,” says Niklas Marschall, sales manager at DSB S-train.

“As always, security was a key priority when we developed the payment window for DSB. Consumers should feel safe to store their credit card information. Simultaneously, we worked heavily to make sure that the entire payment process is as easy as possible. Three clicks and you get a ticket. It has never been easier,” says Lars Juul Dalsted, Sales Manager at DIBS Denmark.

MobilBilletter Hovedstaden automatically finds the user's location to make it easy to select tickets. The app is proposing the shortest route and travelers can save their favorite destinations and home station. The interface contains a number of control elements, which reduces the potential for abuse. DSB runs one of the largest portals for tickets for bus, train and Metro in the Copenhagen area, selling about 30 000 tickets on their best days.

For more information please contact
Eric Wallin, CEO of DIBS, +46703 29 77 74 or eric.wallin@dibs.se


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